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Travel Photography Assignments 1 and 2

Hey all!

I’ve pasted links to my assignments 1 and 2 below! Assignment 2 was sort of overwhelming, but so rewarding. I had no idea that there are so many photography-contests and photography magazines out there. Learned a little something about stock photography too.

Assignment 1:

Assignment 2:


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Thanks for posting your assignments! Here’s some feedback for you:

Assignment 1

I really loved these lines – “It’s my way of slowing down things. The photograph captures much more than the mind does. When the mind is too busy trying to absorb everything around it, clicking a photo allows me to slow down things, let the world rush past me as I stop to capture an emotion on the face of a native,or the first ray of the sun on the dunes, or simply just understand my immediate surrounding.”

It’s exactly what I imagine a professional street photographer would say. Slowing the world down into short moments you capture.

You also mentioned you were interested in music and concert photography. Definitely connect with fellow student Lily. She’s also interested in concert photography and does a lot here.

Really liked the photo of the girls. The four different expressions and overall color tone.

Assignment 2

Fantastic job on compiling all these resources. You’ve picked out some of the top contests and sites so use your list as a reference guide as you progress through the course and when you consider using them or entering some of the contests. Definitely stay away from contests that require you to give up all rights to your photos. Smithsonian and Nat Geo are both really good contests to enter.

Well done!

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Thanks for your feedback, Lola! I really appreciate it.

Looking forward to the rest of the assignments!

I looked at the link to Lily’s website. I’ll definitely get in touch with her. Thanks for the reference!

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Great assignment Sejal, nothing to add to what Lola’s already said. I do a lot of music stuff too, really enjoy the buzz of being close to the action / in the pit. Rockin’.

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Here is my Assignment#2

cheers, Nena

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Wow, this is a really nice and comprehensive post Nena. I’m so glad you got something out of it, that’s kind of the point of these assignments and it pays to apply some time and effort, which is obviously what you’ve done. Obviously all of these resonate with your general passions re: photography but it looks like you’ve gone broader than that too, some really interesting publications a few of which I didn’t know before. Good work.

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Thank you, Paul, for the encouraging feedback.

There are also few local contests and publications, but I guess they are of no interest to wider audience (for exampleI right now there is an UNDP photo contest focusing on the preservation of Dalmatian coast (the most beautiful part of Croatia…

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