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Transformation and Travel: What's your experience?

Hey everyone! On Thursday, June 12 we’re hosting our monthly #MatUTalks Twitter chat. We’re compiling questions to ask the Twittersphere to generate lively discussion and we’re hoping you can help us. The topic is: Transformation and Travel.

The theme is vague to allow for interpretation and open discussion. It could mean how travel has transformed you as the traveler, or how places get transformed because of tourism, etc. It’s wide open.

What question(s) would you like to see as part of the Twitter chat? Remember, the questions need to be pretty specific as respondents only have 140 characters to answer in! An example question from a past Twitter chat about photography was: “What advice would you give an up and coming photographer?”

Please leave your questions here. And make sure to stick Thursday, June 12, 2:30 EST in your calendar and join in for the fun!

View Profile 2014-05-23 22:11:27 PDT

Hey Carlo,

Here are couple of things that popped out of my mind:

1. How do you feel when you revisit a place that has changed completely since your last visit?

2. How good or bad does travel/tourism bring changes to a place and the natives?

Hoping to see more interesting replies.

View Profile 2014-05-24 12:05:57 PDT

Hi Carlo

A couple of questions from me:

What are the biggest changes that travelling has brought in you as a person?

Which travel destination so far had the most impact in your life and why?

Thanks a lot!


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Great questions so far! Thanks much. Let’s keep this rolling…anyone else?

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Hi Carlo

My question would be:
What kind of change/transformation do you bring when you travel?

Hope it gets people thinking a bit 🙂


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My question would be:

How do you articulate your travel experiences and transformations to your friends and family “back home?”

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How do you compare the person you were before you went to particular place/journey and after?

Is transformation a direct result of “travel” as a whole or is it a specific aspect that causes transformation? (i.e. Is there a common factor in travel that leads to transformation?)

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Some goodies here! What else you got?

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Hi everyone! A couple of Qs more:

Before you travel somewhere, do you think in the future mindset transformation that may happen to you?

What specific characteristics must have a place to make an impact on you?

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After my travel experiences, I have come to expect that travel will transform my mindset (although I never know how). As corny as it sounds, I usually find that I grow in some way (as a person/traveler/writer/American) and that each trip has left an impact on me. They have taught me more about what i want in life, and since I’ve been often called a Cynical Cindy, what I DON’T want in life!

For me, most of it comes down to the people I have met along with the various cultural differences that make you reflect on your own culture/country.

Hope this helps!

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Hello everyone!

I have a  few questions:

After you returned home from a trip, how did that travel experience affect the way you now view your home city? Or home country? What new perspectives do you now have about where you live?

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Great questions everyone, keep ’em coming!

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When I returned to the US in April after a month in a rural area of India, my closest (and yes, no doubt my smartest) friend leaned across the table in Starbucks after letting me talk nonstop for 90 minutes: “Okay, ONE word. What’s the ONE word that tells me everything you found in India, that sums up your whole month?” It took me less than 30 seconds: “Grace,” I said. Then we talked some more, about grace and other transformations. Yup, she’s smart.
So — think about your last trip, or the one before that. What’s your ONE word?


View Profile 2014-05-30 15:18:24 PDT

Great question (and anecdote) Janette!

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I feel like a big part of the transformation comes from things to experience.  Instead of wanting the house and job and car you just want life.  So i’d like to hear:

How have your priorities changed since traveling?

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