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Topics for Chapter 5?

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to do the research project for chapter 5 on a place that I’m going to be visiting in the next couple of weeks?  I’ve been writing, researching about Madrid for so long that I’d like a change. The place I’m going to (Melilla) has been hardly written about (I’ve been going through google trying to find information on the destination, and apart from the wikipedia entry and tourist information sites, very little has come up on it, and even the Lonely Planet guide has mis-categorized it as Morocco, when it’s actually a part of Spain) so it would be great for me to have the incentive to research it and I’m planning to write about the destination anyway. Either that, or I would like to write about Tbilisi, since I spent 2 months there and undertook a lot of research about the city’s modernist heritage for a couple of art magazines I write for. Thanks for any feedback/suggestions!

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Jennifer —

Do what you want to do!  Stick to the assignment parameters and work on the location you prefer.

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Thanks, Kate! This assignment will definitely help me prepare for the upcoming trip, so I’m really putting chapter 5 into practice. 🙂

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