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Tips For Long Flights

I am in urgent need of suggestions and tips on how to find something/s to do on a long flight.Can anyone help, please be kind to keep me posted here.

Should I use my humor on the flight? Should I sleep,?

My first flight is 11 hours +stop over for 2 hours then a 9-hour flight.


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You can watch the movies if you are on a flight with your own tv. Which airline are you flying with?

I find it hard to sleep on long flights. I do alot of walking around the plane. And watching movies. Or just use it to work and write.

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Hi! I have been on many flights over 10 hours and, like Debra, it’s hard for me to sleep on planes.

I find it useful to have:

– Good headphones: the ones that the airlines provide are not too good. I usually try to listen to full albums from bands I have not heard yet.

– Bottle of water and snacks: I ask the flight attendants to fill my bottle and have a few snacks that I like, because sometimes the wait until the food cart arrives can be hard.

– Shoes that you can take out and put on easily: I also walk during the flight.

Hope that helps!

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I am a veteran of long-haul flying and for me, drugs like Xanax¬†or valium are a must. Also, noise reducing headphones and as mentioned above your own snacks and water. If you are not a sleeper get an aisle seat so you can get up whenever you like. A thick book mixed with the crappy movies available and if you’re a writer bring some editing work.

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