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Hello there!

I think this course is amazing, I’m just not sure I have the time to keep up with it at the moment. I really want to create the most out of this wonderful opportunity. Do you think I’m missing out by going at a much slower pace?

Many thanks,


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I think this was my favorite forum post so far. First of all, welcome to the U. We’re so glad you’re here.

Second–almost everything online and perhaps the entire pace of work, life, everything seems to be about acceleration. Even the way this course is set up–as you very rightly point out–is about trying to ramp up skills, visibility, viability as a travel writer as quickly as possible.

And yet, all this said, what is probably the most difficult lesson to master is simply digging into the language of travel writing, the words themselves. This takes time and there’s no way to rush it. In fact, rushing it only short changes the writer in the end.

No, going at a slower pace–taking 2 weeks per lesson instead of one (or however long you need) is not detrimental, in my opinion, to your learning. Stretch it out, enjoy the experience.

I look forward to reading something from you soon,


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Thank you for posting that Sophie, and for responding David. I had the same thought. I am 100% new to travel writing and this first week of the class. I can see myself taking this a little slower than 12 weeks and getting everything I can out of it in the time I have.

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@Morgan. Great to have you. In some ways I’m most excited to work with folks who are 100% new to travel writing. Please post links to your work as soon as you get your first pieces up. You too Sophie.

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Just echoing David– we designed this course so that its basic framework is flexible enough to let you work through it at your own pace. And the fact that you can come back to the curriculum means you’ll probably discover lessons in it the second go round that you didn’t quite catch on round one. Let us know if we can help you in any way.

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Sophie and Morgan- I think going slow is preferable in many ways. I don’t plan on finishing in 12 weeks either, but rather soak in as much as possible. No hurry, right? :)

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Thanks for the encouraging words! I’m working on my first piece right now and reveling in it. Can’t wait to hear your feedback!


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Sophie –

Thanks for starting this topic. I signed on later than most and have some commitments that will keep me away from a computer for a few days now and then. I was concerned that other students would be an assignment or two ahead of me and the discussion on the forums would reflect that. I hope we’ll get feedback on our work from those who are further along in the course. I was thinking of trying to catch up to most of the students – it’s good to know there are some taking it at a more relaxed pace.


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Students will be entering the course (and finishing the course) throughout your time in the program– it’s open enrollment and work through at your own pace, so don’t rush to “catch up.” You’ll likely benefit from their insights as well as those who join the program after you. Welcome!

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Looking forward to reading your first assignment and hearing your feedback about chapter 1.

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I have a question about going at your own pace, though, and sorry to get all into money talk but I’ve been wondering!!

The way it’s written on the MatadorU information page, it says: “When that 3 months is up, you will be given the option to pay $25/month for continued access to the Market Leads and Student Forums.”

Does this mean that if we take longer than 12 weeks to get through the course we will we be blocked out of the final lessons (and the forums) before we’ve completed them, unless we begin to pay the $25/month?

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Hey Leah,

As a Matador U student, you retain access to the curriculum forever. The subscription thereafter only applies to continued access to the updated Market Leads and Forums.

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@ Dave. Thank you for offering to read my posts. I just finished assignment two. I would appreciate it if you (and anyone!!) would take a look.

Maybe I’m just not navigating this as well as I can be, but how besides posting my links in the forum would you recommend I get people to read what I write. I’m just excited to get a little feedback.

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We’ll talk a lot more about how to drive traffic toward your writing in a later chapter, but the quick and easy answer is: be a good reader. Read and leave comments on other people’s blogs (starting with your fellow students here!). And don’t be shy about asking for link exchanges.

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