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The Evolution of Wanderlust

Greetings Matadors,

I am approaching my 33rd year on this earth and with age comes reflection. Since leaving university I have managed to travel to 45 countries and I hope to hit 50 before I reach the age of 35 which is when I am expecting to decline and become an old man in need of assistance when doing everyday things like crossing the road. During my traveling days, I experienced enough to fill an entire lifetime. I crossed the Sahara Desert on a camel and gazed upon the Pyramids of Giza, I hiked through jungles in search of black rhinos and leopards, and I spent two months exploring the ancient lands of India. This is but a small taste of what I have done and if you have followed my blogs you will understand that traveling isn’t always straightforward and I have a certain knack for creating stress for myself due to my lack of organisation. Despite this, the stories that I do have to tell will stay with me for all eternity (unless I develop memory loss) and that is the first answer to the age-old question – why turn your back on the prospect of a career, car, house, mortgage, bills and screaming children? Why explore vast wilderness regions like the Australian Outback, or hike in the Himalayas when you could tap away in an office for eight hours before going home, watching TV and then returning the next day to tap away for another eight hours.

My latest blog post reflects the growth of wanderlust which has now consumed me for all eternity:

God Speed,


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