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SUMMER PROMO – $75 off a course (can be combined with multicourse discount)

Summer is here! Well in the northern hemisphere that is…but even if you’re in the south you can still partake in the goodies. Until June 24, 2015 we’re giving you $75 off your next course purchase. If you’ve thought about enrolling in another course now is the time to do it. This can be combined with the $150 multi-course discount for a total of $225 off…that’s almost 50% the regular course cost.

Use the promo code: MUSUMMER2015

*Note: The discount cannot be applied to feedback extensions.

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Hey Carlo,

I’m still working through the fundamentals of writing but would like to do the advanced photography course once I finish I don’t have nearly the time to do both at once). If I were to purchase the course now, is it still set up so that my one year period begins at the time of payment?

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Hey Jesse,

What we can do is manually manage your account. If you were to purchase your Advanced course now, we can set a start date for you in the future.

Whizz me an email"> or hit the black support tab and we can chat about your options.

Kind regards,


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I was going to do the same: I was going to purchase the advanced Travel Writing, although I would still be finishing my Fundamentals one.

I’ll do as you Katie suggested.


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Absolutly Richard!

We can tailor your course to fit your needs and schedule 🙂 My door is always open, please let me know if you have further questions!



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I was thinking about signing up for a photography or filmmaking course. I had a few questions though. I was previously enrolled in the travel writing course but didn’t get around to completing it before the feedback expired. I hope to really get back into it soon and finally complete the course. If I purchase an additional course, would I then be eligible for feedback in both courses? And would I be able to get the multicourse discount and the summer discount even though I didn’t purchase the courses at the same time?

Thanks for the info!


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Hey Lian…you’ll get the multicourse discount even if you didn’t enroll at the same time. So you’d be getting $225 off an additional course if you enroll before Wednesday.

The feedback periods are specific to each course, so you’d get a year for your new course but it won’t apply to your writing course, you’d still need to get an extension for that (you can do that through the Billing section).

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Question: I was going to register for a new course, but it did ask me about setting a password for example.

Isn’t it recognizing I am already enrolled?

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Nevermind, it worked fine.

Bam! Advanced Travel Writing!

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Sweet Richard! 🙂

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I’m trying to purchase the advanced photography course (my second course) and I can’t figure out how to do it as a logged in member. If I try to go through the purchase form and add the promo code, it still wants me to register and still says it will charge $400. When I click “login” it logs me into my already logged in account and takes me back to the dashboard where my only option is to click on “travel photography” in the footer which takes me back into the purchase loop. Help!

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At the bottom of any page, in the black banner, go to the Travel Courses -> Travel Photography.

It worked for me that way.

Or, on the far left, go  Company -> Enroll

I just tested it and it would have worked fine if I continued (it had me logged in, considered that I already had courses, etc.).

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Go to the gear icon in top right, click Billing, then click the Shopping Cart link…there you can add the course and it will show up with the $150 multicourse discount applied, then you add the promo code and it will take another $75 off.

Or you can click this link while logged in and you should get taken to the shopping cart:

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