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Study Abroad in Europe/South America, HELP

Hi everyone, I will be studying abroad in Seville, Spain and will be doing a lot of traveling throughout Europe from September through January. If you have any suggestions for how to travel, where to travel, what to bring, etc. PLEASE share! After that, I will be heading to Cordoba, Argentina and will be traveling around South America. Any suggestions are helpful, thank you!

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Hi Alison! What specific info do you need? As you may have already found out, traveling within Europe is easy both by plane and also by train between certain countries. Feel free to contact me further

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Hello Alison!

Enjoy a lot! Is great that you have this opportunity 🙂 our best wishes for you. For how to travel, yes. I highly recommend you to look for the Ryanair airline, they have super  cheap flights around Europe. For example, I went from France to Ireland for 20 euros.

Also there are these bus brands called Eurolines and fix bus that are really really cheap, for example France – Belgium 5 euros.

Bla bla car worked a lot for me while my exchange semester in Europe. Another tip: if you are studying you can have a SNCF special card to receive a student price traveling in train.  I really hope this comments are helpful for you, if you need more information please let us know, we will be happy to help 🙂

Lulu from The Global Trotter

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Visit I write a lot of articles for them and they have a tonne of advice on travelling and studying overseas!

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Hi Alison! How exciting. I studied abroad in Spain and moved back to live for a year. One big tip I can give you in to use a ride-sharing service called Bla Bla Car to travel within Spain. It will save you a lot of money! The Alsa Bus is also another inexpensive way to travel. The trains can get expensive.

Here are some great places to travel in Spain besides Madrid and Barcelona:

Santiago de Compostela – famous for its seafood, especially octopus, and has some beautiful cathedrals

Vigo – the neighboring Cies Islands are a must! Some of the best beaches in Spain

Granada – you can’t leave Spain without visiting La Alhambra! It’s possibly the most beautiful palace in all of Spain

San Sebastian – best pintxos (tapas) in Spain, hands down! The beach there, La Concha, is also stunning.

Segovia – the castle and the Roman aqueducts are worth making a trip here. It’s also famous for its suckling pig if you like meat.

If you want to learn more about what to do in Spain, I’ve written a series on the topic. You can check it out at

Hope that helps! Enjoy.



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