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Stockholm Suggestions

I’m going to be in Stockholm for three days.
I’ll be visiting some of the main spots such as the Vasa Musem, but do you have any suggestions of some hidden spots to see or less known corners that make the city what it is?


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Hi Richard,

I was lucky enough to be hosted by  a Swedish friend, who showed me some cool local spots.

1. Skansen- While not exactly a “hidden spot”, Skansen is a popular outdoor museum and zoo, which gives you a great historical perspective of Stockholm. Kind of like the Swedish version Colonial Williamsburg. And it’s near the Vasa Museum, so shouldn’t be too out-of-the-way for you.

2. Gamla Stan- This is Stockholm’s “Old Town”. Lots to explore here. Apart from the touristy main thoroughfares, there are some cool hidden alleyways and small neighborhoods that are really fun to wander through. Make sure you check out Barrels, Burgers & Beer on Stora Nygatan. Definitely a local favorite. I probably ate there four or five times in one week.

3. Don’t just stick to the city. Stockholm is part of a massive archipelago, with tons of smaller, vacation-type towns accessible by ferry. Vaxholm is a good one that I visited, and it only took about an hour to get there.

4. Something else you might want to look out for is something called OOOAW (Out of Office After Work). It’s a once-a-month daytime “networking” party organized for young professionals in Stockholm (and other cities in Sweden too, I think). When I was there, it took place in Skansen, and it’s a great way to meet people. There was music, kegs, and the museum was filled with thousands of people.


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Hi Richard,

I love Stockholm – that is one of the most stylish cities in Europe. Here are my suggestions – 1. Fotografiska Museum right by the water – great if you are into photography 2. Nobis Hotel for drinks (in the same building where the incident giving rise to the concept of Stockholm Syndrome occurred – I wrote about it here

3. Nobel Museum and 4. amazing metro stations – all an artwork on their own. Hope you have a great time.

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@Eben, thank yuo very much, many interesting ideas. I’ll definitely roam around the archipelago, which seems very green and jagged, which makes it interesting.

@Burcu, thank you too very much. And I forgot about the metro and its stations, it will make the roaming around even more interesting.

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Hi Richard,

I have recently been back from Stockholm. The Fotografiska Museum is definitely a must see and I am not even very into photography.

If you want to have an authentic fika, check out café Saturnus, which is famous for their cinnamon buns.

Take a public boat ride which is included in your metro tickets. Enjoy Stockholm!

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Vy, thank you for the input! The boat ride seems a great idea too.

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Hey Richard…have you seen the new Q&A feature on the travelstoke app? It’s pretty sweet. You can go to any location and post a question…people in those locations will see it and hopefully can answer for you. Check it out!

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Skansen! Especially around the holidays. And I second the metro tickets… they take you almost everywhere.

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@Carlo: I didn’t know about it. I’ll use it next time!

@Ingrid: at the end we didn’t go to Skansen, but we looped around it biking in that huge and pretty park!

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