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Sponsored trip pitch

I don’t think I’m qualified for most of the press trips on mediakitty and right now, so I’ve decided to pitch an idea to a company called Adventure Korea in Seoul. One of my travel blogging friends was sponsored to write for them in exchange for a free trip, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Dear Seokjin,

My name is Sarah Shaw, and I am currently living and teaching in Seoul. I am seeking a sponsored trip with Adventure Korea, particularly the Black Raspberries, Bare hand fishing and Shellfish trip on June 23rd. I am a writer and travel blogger; my blog is My blog mainly attracts foreign English speakers in Korea. I also have recently published my work on well-known travel magazines, such as Matador Network.

I noticed that a review for this type of trip has not been written and posted on your website. If I’m able to join this trip free of charge, I will write a post containing high quality photos on my blog, and I will also give you permission to use the written post on your website. I spend lots of time editing and proofreading, and I only publish top quality work. I also share my work through various social networks, like Twitter and Facebook. For more information, as well as statistics, please visit the Advertise/Sponsor page on my blog.

Last winter, I joined one of your ski trips, and I had an amazing time. I thought the activities and groups were well-organized and fun for everyone.

I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,

Sarah Shaw

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Hey Sarah,

Great length, and awesome choice for a press trip. Bare hand fishing?! I definitely want to read about that.

You mention sponsored trip at the very beginning, so I wouldn’t add “free of charge” again later. You don’t wanna stress TOO much that it needs to be free. Know what I mean? GIVE ME THIS FOR FREE!

I’d omit this line: ” I spend lots of time editing and proofreading, and I only publish top quality work.” They can figure that out by looking at your work, and as a professional you shouldn’t need to say it.

Great to include the fact that you’ve already done one of their tours. If you can be more specific, ever better. Shows them you already love what they do, so you’re not high-risk (i.e. you won’t write a shitty review).


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Candice, thanks for the tips. I sent the pitch and Seokjin replied rather quickly, offering me the trip! Yeah! I will post my review here when I finish. Barehanded fishing, blackberry wine making and an all you can drink homemade wine party sounds like a great time for my first sponsored trip. It might get a little sloppy…

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AWESOME, congrats! Nailed it!

Send me an email when the trip is complete. “Barehanded fishing” could have a place on the Network, I feel.


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Will do!

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