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Sparkpunk Media Kit

Just finished putting together my first media kit, and while it’s pretty exciting (!), it’s also a little humbling. I kind of feel like Smalls in The Sandlot where this kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing shows up and pretends he does :) That being said, here are a few things to point out before critiquing the media kit:

(1) only in the last month and a half have I made sincere efforts to really kick-start my website and re-ignite my writing career and freelance design career, so going from only 90 visits a month to over 500 is kind of a big deal, but I just hope I can maintain that trajectory over the long haul

(2) in the media kit, you’ll find a thumbnail of what the new & improved is going to look like (I’m shooting for March/April). To get a good sense of how this grid is utilized, you might want to visit my friend Josh’s website at You’ll see a good looking, dynamic site that is a great showcase of his work. This brings me to point number three…

(3) I’m finding more and more that sparkpunk isn’t going to be just a travel blog. I’m a designer, an artist, and from a theological standpoint I think the telos God has given me for my life is to be live an interesting life :) (I only drink Dos Equis.) BUT! It’s not a completely narcissistic, self-centered motivation: much like the Adventurists, I just want to do my part to make the world less boring, and to do my part in making it more interesting not only for myself, but for other people, and to that end I’ll be featuring not only TRAVEL, but ART and OTHER PEOPLE who are interesting.

Phew. That’s all of the verbosity I have for today. But really, I think this first media kit came out all right, but then again I’ve never made one before, so if I’ve forgotten anything, let me know!

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Like you, I have a really really hard time corralling my primary blog ( into *just* a travel blog (all “You must have a niche” advice be damned!).

I really love the language of your media kit- your unique personality and passion are alive on the screen. I also like how you’ve taken what many students view as a potential liability (low page views) and turn it into a positive- Get in while the gettin’s good! Smart spin.

I also really like the fact that you’ve got your adspace prices right there. I often feel like this information is unnecessarily mysterious- as if bloggers are hiding it from one another. I like the fact that everything in your kit feels totally transparent.

This may be an obvious piece of advice, but one I think I should mention in case- make yourself a note to update your analytics in the media kit each month or (if you prefer) to do so quarterly, which might be more manageable. Other than that, this looks fantastic.

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Hey Julie,

Thanks for your thoughts.

As usual, I have more questions :)

So, with this major image-overhaul, I’m playing with the idea of cold-calling advertisers to get adspace filled even before the revamp goes through…do you think that this is a safe idea, or not? And are my CPM prices too low to be taken seriously? Or too high? Granted, I haven’t even broken one million on Alexa rankings, so I’m not really sure how to go about that.

Not to answer my own question, but here’s one thought I have: hold off on the website image overhaul, and use the interim period of, say, 5 months to be building content like crazy. Once that’s out of the way, only then approach advertisers, and have an overflowing portfolio of content ready to go.

But of course, I’m curious to hear your thoughts :)

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I think the second option is the better one, but I’d love to hear from students who have monetized their sites, as none of mine is monetized.

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Great, I’ll ask around :) Thanks!

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Wow! Your media kit looks fantastic! Of course, I’m just a student, not an advertiser, but I can say I’d love to have something like that on my blog. The look and the content gives a very professional impression, IMHO. I guess I’d better start working on my own kit. Thanks for the example.

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I just started my site and still have to see in which direction I will go, but the first thing going through my mind while reading chapter 10 was: “Chrmzdprfft” aka: “Damn, I still have a long way to go!”

Just like you option, and Julie confirms, I will wait with advertising for a bit, it all just feels too fresh. I’m not ready yet. Therefore I just can’t believe you made such a slick media kit while your revamp isn’t even finished yet, thumbs up! :)

(I really like the feel of the current website by the way! You sure you want to change it? :))

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can you only get “dos equis” in Mexico????

very professional PDF

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