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Show us your kit! (aka let's nerd out on gear)

This is my meagre photo/video set up. It does some decent work! But I have my eyes on the Sony A7, and maybe a drone? Hmmm…one day…..

– Sony a6000 with 35mm f/1.8, 16-55mm (kit), 30mm f/3.5 macro, 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3

– 15″ Macbook Pro retina (mid-2014) with SSD

– 128 GB Transcend SD drive (sits flush in the SD slot)

– 4TB Seagate USB harddrive (and a 2TB WD My Passport that I just had to return on warranty)

– Zhiuyn crane gimbal

– Promaster XC522 tripod (lightweight for travel)

– ND filters (ND2, ND4, ND8)

– Spare batteries

– Aukey 12000 mAh power bank

– Anker 20000 mAh power bank (just got it, haven’t tested it yet)

– Small Tamrac camera sling bag (fits my camera and all lenses, plus batteries, filters, cleaning kit, and a power bank)

– lens/sensor cleaning kit

– LG G5 smartphone (took this photo with it)

– Zoom H2n audio recorder (not pictured)

– Edit media with Adobe CC software

I switched from a Canon 40D set up about a year ago and am loving the size/weight of the cropped sensor mirrorless. It’s awesome to be able to have EVERYTHING in that little sling bag – it’s small and light and I don’t think twice about grabbing it to go somewhere. The 35mm 1.8 is my favourite lens and really fun to shoot with.

I debate with myself if I want to eventually upgrade to the a6500 or go full frame. Pros and cons I guess. I held an a7 and it’s significantly bigger and heavier, especially with a solid lens. Seems to go against my desire to be light and nimble.

I love my LG G5. The camera is pretty sweet – it has 3 lenses, one on the front and two on the back (one for ultra wide angle). It can also shoot at 120 fps for some good slow motion video.

The tripod is OK, not that I have much experience with them…it’s compact and light but of course that means I lose some stability…and I’ve noticed it on really long shutter speeds. There is a hook on the bottom I could weigh it down with but I don’t have a heavy camera backpack it’s pretty useless. Again, pros and cons!

I cheaped out on the ND filters, bought a kit that had decent reviews on Amazon. I just wanted to experiment with them though before getting more serious about them, they can be quite expensive. These work fine (I shot this with I think the ND8 in strong daylight) but there’s a noticeable blue colour cast in certain settings. Fixable in post though, so no big deal? 🙂

What do you have? What do you think about your gear? What’s next on your shopping list?

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I have so much to learn, loving all the equipment. I am excited to start getting out there with my pack in tact.

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What do you currently have April? What’s on your wishlist?

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We don’t have a photo of all our gear, but we wrote about it: – hope this counts!

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David, what’s your favourite lens? What’s your next purchase?

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Recently just got back from San Francisco, my 24-105 f/4L didn’t leave my body except for one night, where the low light Sigma 1.4 Art can in handy!

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I need a zoom lens with a constant aperture!

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I don’t have a photo on hand but i’ll write out what i have. It’s going to reveal my total lack of nerdiness. I get excited about aperture, that’s about it. The rest is like whatever was on sale when I needed it. I know that’s not “professional” but hey, it’s true.


sony a7rii

sony a6300

24-70 f/4

35mm 1.4

85mm 1.8

70-200 f/4

100mm 2.8 macro

16-35 f/4


and for the 6300 specifically, the 35mm 1.8, and 16-70 f/4.


95% of the time i have the sony a7rii and the 35mm 1.4.

I carry sandisc s10 32gb or 64gb cards, a few 16gbs.

I have about 15 batteries but all are nearly dead all of the time.

Various external hard drives, most just from costco but some from amazon

some kind of sweet flash by sony that I rarely use.

An old macbook pro (2010)

an even older iMac (2009) (oh wait, that doesn’t fit in my bag ….)

some kind of very thin laptop by Asus


power bars, power banks, various cords that I assume all serve some kind of purpose.


fstop gear bag to haul it all around that desperate needs new inserts as all mine are sagging from 5ish years on the go.

some kind of lightweight tripod, the carbon steel or some kind of lightweight magic


I use a Cotton Carrier system to be hands free … it lives on the strap of my f-stop to mount my camera when not in use.


ALso in my bag: hat, sweater, half a water bottle, old granola bars, a graveyard of lens caps, a whole lot of crumbs and dirt, dead batteries, 1-2 lens wipes, very old business cards, some pads and tampons (yeah, I said it), and if I’m smart a lightweight blanket and a charged cell phone.




Welp, that’s what’s #reallyinmybag 😀

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I want that 16-70 f4. How do you like it?

Also, maybe I could use a lens cap from your graveyard. I need a 49mm cap 🙂

I’ve never heard of Cotton Carrier…which one do you use?

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the 16-70 is really good, light and medium sized. Sharp. Cotton Carrier is made in Vancouver, is the one I use.

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I just bought the Crane for my bag. I’ve YouTubed how to work it, taken it into a camera shop, asked friends and family to help, and I’m still not getting how to set it up and work it correctly. I would love to talk with someone who knows how to manage it. Is there anyone who lives near Portland, Oregon, that is willing to meet up with me? Thanks!


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Ingrid, have you watched this yet?

I followed it and was able to balance it pretty good…I’ve since played around with it as I understand it more and have made a few adjustments. If you can’t find anyone in Portland I’d be happy to video Skype with you and see if I can help!

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My little kit is:

Sony Alpha A6000 with 16-50 and 55-210 lens

2 x GoPro

Polar Pro underwater GoPro filters in red and magenta

DJ Mavic Pro drone

Manfrotto tripod

GoPro 3 way pole

GoPole floating selfie stick


Love it all!

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Nice Katie…what’s on your wishlist?

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At the moment I am saving money for a 35mm lens so I think that will be my next purchase. It’s likely that I will never settle down and buy a house because I’m always buying gadgets!

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