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Share your YT/IG accounts!

Hey all — we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming down the pipeline here at Matador, but we need your help!

Let us see your world through your lens on Instagram and Youtube and we might be able to match you up with gigs/projects that never make it to the Marketplace.

NB: Size of channel is not a limiting factor, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got 10 or 10,000,000 followers — show me what you got, what you’re passionate about, and what you’re working on!

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Hi there! I started my travel blog this year and am gaining a good following on IG. Here are my sites/handles:

IG: @fotogenictravel

IG #2: @fotogenic.disney

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Hey everyone! My instagram is @sarahwallock and my travel site is

I’m a Californian living in New Zealand, looking for the best hikes, tacos, and local experiences. For the past two years, I’ve documented my travels from studying for a college semester in Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia, to backpacking and couchsurfing in Europe.

I am new to Matador and I look forward to finding like-minded people, travel writing and photography opportunities and ways to expand my reach. I’ve followed lots of people from the forum and I’m excited to see everyone else’s perspectives.

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Hey, hey! My instagram is: @notsolegalpiecesofme and my personal blog is: 

Featured in: International Living Magazine.

I am a mindful professional writer. I love sharing about the world, places I’ve visited, tips for writers and digital nomads, struggles of an unconventional woman and many more. My dream is to inspire women with my stories to live their hopes, their aspirations, their own lives. Embracing our true selves gives us the independence we’ve all desired.

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Hi Alex! You can find me @amandacapritto on Instagram. My two big things are health/fitness and travel, so you’ll find a lot of wellness travel content on my account. I just finished up my first Matador piece for the wellness vertical and I’m stoked to be here!

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Hey Alex! My name is Sara (Instagram is @saraaycoth) and have a unique niche for finding travel deals when it comes to airline tickets. Some people watch the stock market while I watch airline prices. I have created a travel blog called That Travel Deal ( where I share my tips and tricks when finding these  airline deals as well as how minor changes while home can help save a ton for trips! Everything has been taught to me through friends or families and now I want to share what I have picked up over the years! Hope I get to hear from you soon Alex!

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Hey! I am a PR pro full time but am trying to get started in some freelance writing on the side. I usually tend to do local trips in the Northeast and occasionally venture out to the West coast if I can swing it.

Born and raised in NJ, so anything local I’d be happy to take on.

My Instagram is

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Hey! My IG account is:

I recently got back from Australia, where I lived for a year in a van. I am passionate about surfing, kitesurfing and skiing! I like to travel to places where I can do these sports and live there for a while so I can really experience the place and blend in the local community instead of just visiting the places and check them of my list. I previously lived on Maui, Hawaii where I worked as a kiteboarding instructor and in Portugal, where I studied. Cheers

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Hi! I’m Jordan and I run @girlmeetsworldtravel – I’m documenting my experience living abroad (Michigan girl currently in Scotland) and traveling!

Thanks 🙂

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I’m a boujie budget traveler, and I’m also a photojournalist.  I’ve been searching the globe for visual stories and I publish them on my blog and instagram!


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I write reviews. You can read them here


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We are an online travel magazine that found over the years the number of people traveling has increased, along with their love of sharing their stories, and photography and adventures. This overwhelming flood of content has made it difficult for people to voice their stories especially for those who don’t have the time or the ability to upkeep a blog. This is where Pen and Trail’s ideology comes in. Here, we feature writers from all over the world, giving them an audience and a platform to express themselves.


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Hi There,

Let’s just skip to the part of my life where I travel the 🌍
Follow to find reasons to take off soon 🛫🙂

IG: @bulbulonthewing

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Let’s connect



Amazon Travel Guide to China 

All for now.



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I’m Freya (@freyawatkinson) and I focus on adventure travel and overland – I recently got back from Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Last year I traveled from England to India overland (Tibet route). I am heading back to South Asia for December and on to some exciting destinations for 2020 including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and more.

I currently freelance as an expedition leader and crew adventure travel events worldwide but I’m looking at starting to blog and write more.

My brand new blog is ExpeditionYou:

It focuses on adventure travel (destination guides and short stories) and how we can improve our mental health by exploring the world.

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Hi, Alex!

Instagram: @everstfamily

We are family adventurers team who share a passion of travel, photography and filmmaking. We explore this world as a couple and with our baby and share hiking experience (mostly in Norway and Caucasus mountains)



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