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Share your YT/IG accounts!

Hey all — we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming down the pipeline here at Matador, but we need your help!

Let us see your world through your lens on Instagram and Youtube and we might be able to match you up with gigs/projects that never make it to the Marketplace.

NB: Size of channel is not a limiting factor, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got 10 or 10,000,000 followers — show me what you got, what you’re passionate about, and what you’re working on!

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Hello! I’m on instagram @wellwornheels . Excited to be part of this community.




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Hi Alex,

My name is also Alex, I am a travel photographer and writer that specializes on Central Asia and Indonesia!

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Hey all!

My name’s Liesl. My husband and I are currently traveling through Southeast Asia and we’ll be headed to Europe in June. We’re big outdoorsy people and we’ve been doing some hiking, climbing, and are excited to start doing some trekking in Nepal and Spain.

Follow us here:

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I’m a mother – so I have my hands stretched every where from writing to photography, from parenting tips to gardening tips, from recipes to many other self taught experiences ; I share all on my instagram >>

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I specialise on the Middle East.

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Hey everyone!

I have been living in the Middle East for over a year now. Predominantly in Israel / Palestine, however I regularly travel to Egypt, Jordan and Morocco. OH and Japan (because why not?). You can check out my photography and what life is like on the Palestinian side of the border.

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Many people are scared to travel Mexico – and it’s understandable seeing only the worst press makes it out alive. As a local resident in Mexico, my goal is to show Mexico’s surprising and unexpected beauty. The idea is to inspire others to travel Mexico, and love it as much as the locals do.

I dig up all of the most unusual places to visit in Mexico, and share my photos here:

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I’m Carlina and I just joined the Matador Community! I just got back from Alaska, yes black people go there, and chased a black bear to get the best IG pic! It was worth it even though my mom freaked I have a successful YouTube cooking channel (Cooking With Carlina) and IG account called @cookingwithcarlina where I share quick and easy recipes that won’t break the bank for millennials. I’m excited to connect with more bloggers and producers and change the work one show at a time. Thank you! 🙂

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hi there, my Instagram link is

I travel as I get the opportunity to do so. So here in my Instagram account has many photos from different trips.



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Hi Alex,

I live in Thailand and most of my Instagram photos are from my travels in SE Asia. I also have an Instagram account from the 14 years I lived in Alaska.


Jeff Bell


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Hey! My insta is @asecondinthesun

I travel to about 10 countries per year and spend the rest of my time in China. All of my photos and experiences are up on my page!

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Hi Alex!

I just returned to the states after three months in Italy. I am based in Louisville, Kentucky but travel often all over the US. I love to write city guides but also enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. My instagram: @piperschad

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Hello Alex,
I’m a fiction writer who decided to stop writing for other people and start my own blog. I’ve had books published, and have featured in a few anthorlogies/magazines. Traveling is something I’m very passionate about. Making it accessible to everyone is my goal! my Instagram is Chocolate Travels @traviechocose

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Hi Alex,

I ran a family travel blog – Strolling Adventures. I love taking photos and writing about our experiences. We are currently discussing embarking on a 6-month long family travel journey.


New to making videos

Thank you!

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Hey guys,

I live in Brisbane and am just starting in the industry, but have been an enthusiast for quite some time.

Recently travelled to Iraqi Kurdistan and Jordan, and heading back to the Middle East early next year.

Main aim is to encourage people to get outside and see the world by showing compelling pictures with small narratives.


@theartfulambulator (iPhone account)

@theartfuladventurer (digital account)


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