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Share your YT/IG accounts!

Hey all — we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming down the pipeline here at Matador, but we need your help!

Let us see your world through your lens on Instagram and Youtube and we might be able to match you up with gigs/projects that never make it to the Marketplace.

NB: Size of channel is not a limiting factor, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got 10 or 10,000,000 followers — show me what you got, what you’re passionate about, and what you’re working on!

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Hi Alex,


My name is Florentino Olivas.I am a full time traveling chef who outfits various sporting events around the US. I am also working on a food and travel show called “7 Day Weekend” which will premier at the end of this month on YouTube. My ig handle is __7dayweekend__, which is one avenue i post my more memorable stops that my job provides me with visiting. I am looking forward to sharing my travel stories (happy or otherwise), and I look forward to seeing what you had in mind.



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Hi There,


I am Chantelle an travel photographer from South Africa! I have traveled to 58 countries(this month hitting 60) and have a ton of travel images and videos available. Have a look on my mini portfolio on instagram –

Video portfolios can be found here:

If you would like to see more visit my website:

Looking forward to hearing back from you 😉

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Hello! I’m Katie. I have been doing social media strategy and content creation for more than 10 years. I left the agency life in July of 2017 and am now a full-time freelancer. I spend most of my time working from amazing locations. Here is my Instagram:

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Hi 🙂

Luke Wait

IG: @lukewaitphotography

Travel Photographer and Videographer

Next trip to Ethiopia in February and will be travelling throughout South and Central America throughout the year.

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Hi Alex,

Feel free to visit my blog: and Instagram : @gyscha

Just visited 16 countries and going to Bhutan next, hope to work together with you guys. Cheers,

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Hey Alex!



I’m Nicole, a dual Italian-American citizen. I have traveled to Rome four times, as well as explored several other areas throughout Italy, such as: Florence, Venice, Capri, Positano, the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Campania, and Puglia.

Here is my IG:
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I’d love to connect!


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Hi everyone!

I’m a freelance travel writer and nomad. I love taking travel pictures of my journey and growing my Instagram account. I’ve mostly been sharing pictures of East Asia recently as I’ve been based there for a while:

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Hey there. Peruvian travel company here. Our Instagram is and our YouTube is

Tuesday we are releasing a video on our YouTube where we delivered over 70 children Christmas gifts in a small Quechua village in Peru. Be sure to check it out.

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Hi all!
I have recently decided to get back to working on and building my digital platforms. I am currently working on publishing content that I’ve been wanting to put out since a long time. I would appreciate any views and follows 🙂 Here are my links:


All are still under construction 😉

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Hey Alex!

I’m a mom of two and my husband and I have traveled to 21 countries on 6 continents with our 2 and 4 year old. In addition to covering family travel I cover solo trips, couples trips, and girls trips because life does not end after motherhood and moms need to remember its okay to have me time and that is nothing to feel guilty about!

My Instagram is

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Hello Alex,

Here is a link to my Instagram. I recently went to Bangladesh, the Philippines and Myanmar and I’m still sorting through the photos and posting!

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Hi Alex! I’m Hanna and I have my own company and work as a freelancer. My recent travels include the Maldives over Christmas and New Years, a solo-trip to London in December, a one week getaway to Greece in September and a road trip through Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Liechtenstein last Summer. Here’s a link to my Instagram and here to my blog.

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@daniella.fay    cheers 🙂

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My IG is @thedrylandtourist

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