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Share your YT/IG accounts!

Hey all — we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming down the pipeline here at Matador, but we need your help!

Let us see your world through your lens on Instagram and Youtube and we might be able to match you up with gigs/projects that never make it to the Marketplace.

NB: Size of channel is not a limiting factor, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve got 10 or 10,000,000 followers — show me what you got, what you’re passionate about, and what you’re working on!

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Hey I’m Dan!

My insta is about one half travel and about one half rock climbing and mountain climbing. Send me to the mountains ūüôā I love it there.



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Hey Alex!

I am a filmmaker/editor/photographer/adventure traveler based in Los Angeles. Having lived & traveled abroad extensively, I am always looking for the next adventure! Recently been working for an action/adventure production company in LA where we finished a (now award winning) documentary on the surfers who charge the massive waves at the North Canyon of Nazare in Portugal. Stoked about surfing, action sports, futbol, and of course, travel!

You can find me at:

Instagram: @stefanosanchez



Cheers! Stefano

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Hi everyone!

My IG account is @rprada where I share some pics when I travel and of course when I spend time at my beautiful homeland in El Bierzo, north of Spain.

Thanks! Ruth

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Hi, I am currently in Saudi Arabia, a travel blogger, and founder of . My Instagram is @travelwithhafiz




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Hi Alex!

Well this is exciting! ¬†I’m a travel writer & photographer with an adventurous spirit and a wild appreciation of grilled cheese. I’m fueled by off the beaten path destinations, absorbing local culture, and capturing the true essence of a place. Upcoming summer travels include a press trip to Greenland, and exploring Iceland for a couple of weeks afterwards.

Instagram: @girlwanderlist

A recent travel photo of mine was featured by National Geographic: Lady Havana

Pumped to hear about potential opportunities! Thank you!

-Lauren Breedlove

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Hey hey! My insta is @monetizabeth

I consider myself first and foremost a storyteller–I’ve spent the past two years documenting the stories of women and girls all over the world for the HerStory Campaign. I’m also working on a documentary about a plane crash on Mt. Kenya. Always up for a good adventure!

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Hi Alex!
My Instagram is:¬†¬†. I enjoy using my IG account as a travel blog where I write about everything from discovering the quirks and charm of small towns to sharing yoga poses to help you recover from a long flight or road trip, and even posts about fun discoveries from roadside stops. I recently wrote a piece for Thought Catalog titled “Moving To A One Light Town Will Be My Biggest Adventure Yet” (also shared on my IG account).While these are just a few topics I write about, I am very flexible and look forward to expanding on new topics.


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Hey Alex, thanks for this thread!

I’m a digital nomad & solo¬†traveler documenting my adventures on Youtube @CupofTJ. The channel’s mission is to inspire travel and the courage to pursue your daydreams. I’m an Asian America woman and I hope to break barriers by documenting my story abroad.

Travel photography on Instagram @CupofTJ

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Hi! I love to how off my horseback riding travel photos and videos!

My instagram account is @kasage00

My YouTube channel is

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Hey Alex, my Instagram is @carmenhuter

My mission is to inspire to explore. Explore not only one’s backyards and countries far away, but also oneself and sustainability :).

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I am a travel writer and social activist. I am passionate about human rights, adrenaline sports, and exploring the world in a socially conscious way. Right now I am uniting people through my blog to share the human experience as a way of embracing cultural diversity. I would love the opportunity to be matched with some new and exciting jobs. Check out my blog or find me on insta at @_jesslemire

Looking forward to hearing from you


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Hi Alex!Instagram:

I am an American expat blogger currently based in Rome.  I travel all over the world for work and fun.  Traveled to Morocco, Sudan, India, Sri Lanka, France, UK, and so far in 2017.  Upcoming travel planned to Austria, Switzerland, and UK.  I write about travel, food, fashion, and culture.

Instagram: @dolceandmasala


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Hi Alex!

My instagram is @labruttafigura – I’m a travel writer in Italy and always illustrate my work with my own photos. My favourites are natural spas hidden in Tuscan woods, view points from the top of towers, and of course my new light blue vespa! Next travel destination is an island paradise south of Sicily….!



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