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Share your favourite lens and post a pic taken with it!

Hey tribe! Calling all photogs: what’s your favourite lens? Can be that you own, borrowed, or rented. Tell me why, and post a pic taken with it.

For me, it’s the 35mm 1.4 (Sony). I borrowed it in Cuba and could not put it down. I found the length perfect for street scenes both wide and tight, and even more detailed/close shots. I found the 1.4 (or 2 or 2.8) glorious for shallow DOF. And, at that aperture, it’s still hot for portraits, making it great for travel because street and portraits are my 2 go-to genres. While i really like shallow DOF I found that at f/4 and higher it was so so sharp, common with fixed length lenses as what they lack in zoom they gain in better quality glass. I went home and bought it right away 🙂

What about you?

Cuba | 35mm

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Love it Kate, and looking forward to what others have to say! I’ve just been loving my new (old) Sony a6000 that I bought of you 🙂 It’s the first mirrorless camera I’ve used after shooting with a Canon 40D for several years. I still only have the kit lens (16-50mm) but love the quality of the images and especially the speed of the camera/lens! It’s lightning quick. This “moose in the mist” shot from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia is one of my recent faves. Now, this has been processed for Instagram and then shared to FB so have lost quality along the way…but I still have the RAW file! Pretty sure I shot this at 50mm…but I do most of my shooting at wide angle.


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Carlo – fantastic shot! So glad you are enjoying the mirrorless experience. 50mm is a great length. I love how the moose is foggy, and framed by the trees. Awesome photo!

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Kate – I love the directions of their gazes! The woman looks to the man, then the man looks out of the frame the other way. Also the contrast in posture and how they hold their arms. Your enthusiasm for 35mm makes me want to rent a 35mm prime before I make a decision about which prime to purchase in the near future.

Carlo –  I can almost feel the dampness of the vegetation. It feels like a real fleeting moment where the moose could disappear at any moment. Very atmospheric shot! Interesting to hear you used a 40D for several years – I had a 30D for 3 years and was very happy with it.

My favourite lens is the Canon 24 – 105 L. It’s also my only lens, but not for much longer. I bought it because it’s a versatile lens for travel that I can keep on my camera in a variety of situations. I find myself shooting wide a lot, which has made me interested in wide angle primes. One of my favourite uses for the 24-105 L is candid portraits. This is something a wide angle prime wouldn’t be so good for. I can sit down unnoticed and zoom to isolate my subjects, such as with this shot I took in South Korea this year. It was taken at 50mm.

Korean seniors in performance costumes - Haemi Fortress, South Korea.

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Kate, I love the DoF…and the smoke on the man’s face, just a perfect moment!

The mood of your photo, Carlos, takes you inside the image. The moose in the fog, perfectly framed between the trees, gives a sense of mystery: wonderful!

Around seven months ago I bought a 35mm Nikkor for my Nikon D5300…I’ve never stopped using it. I like the big range of possibilities for the DoF, it’s light so it’s great for travels, its good for street photography but takes very nice portraits too!

PS: the post doesn’t allow me to upload the image 🙁




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Silvia – If you click ‘insert/edit image’, then where it says ‘source’ you provide a URL to the image you want to share from your own website, it will be imported to your forum post.

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I’m not able to comment for myself yet; I have only just bought my first DSLR with a kit lens but I found this article recently which I found interesting (although the writer is on commission…)

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Slight correction to Ben’s comment…the photo doesn’t have to be uploaded to your own website, it can be on shared platform like Flickr, 500px, FB, etc.

We are working on adding the functionality to upload directly to the Forums.

Cool shot Ben, love the colours in it. I’ve used that lens too and it’s really nice, the L lenses are definitely a good step above the EF-S ones! Which wide angle prime are you looking at?

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I’ve been writing the URL to the photo on 500px, Dropbox…it only shows a broken link/no image icon.

@Silvia, I agree…the fixed 35mm, light, tiny…I hope to save enough for the next year and have one of these. Also, for street portraits, I think people are more easy close to a 35mm instead of a zoom like my 16-50 2.8 (Pentax) in front of their faces. When extended to 50mm I find it too large. However, I like a lot this zoom. It’s sharp, versatile, great for landscapes and architecture…

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Carlo – I’ve wanted the Canon 24mm 1.4 L for a long time, but the price is off putting. The new Sigma Art 20mm 1.4 (review) is stunning reviews and is 55% of the price of the Canon, and I honestly prefer the sample images I’ve seen from the Sigma. So at the moment the Sigma is winning. Purchasing in January!

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@David…that’s strange. Can you share one of your URLs with me? Hopefully the upload option isn’t too far away.

@Ben…that sounds like a solid decision, especially if you like the images better! Can’t get caught up in the brand name thing.

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Thanks David…I guess it’s because that’s not the actual URL to the image, I think it just points to a gallery location as opposed to an actual file location. This is convoluted but this is how I got it to work (see above).

When the image is open in 500px click the Share button and choose Embed. When the code appears, copy it all and paste into a blank email (or whatever)…then find where it says img src= … and copy that URL. This is what it looked like for this image:


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@ Carlo I try with the link from 500px

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