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Share a local travel experience (video, photo essay, article)

A lot of people don’t think about local experiences as travel, and wait to go somewhere to work on their craft…but you should look to your backyard to keep creating and improving. Especially if you don’t have any travel plans in the near future. Remember, your home is travel to everyone else (and looked at from the right perspective, can be travel for you too).

Here’s a video edit I did from a local hike called Flagpole, only 5 minutes out of the town where I live. What have you produced from your own hometown?


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One of my goals this year is to shoot more photos and videos on a weekly basis. I mostly travel only during summer months, so this resolution / goal will force me to go out more around where I live and to try to see my surroundings with new eyes.

Just a week or two ago I decided to go out, drive for about 15 mins and take some aerial photos of a bank of sand dunes near the sea. Some of those aerials are on my instagram account (@nb_visual), but I also ended-up shooting a quick video to share how beautiful that area is, specially during sunset.  Came out totally refreshed. Here’s the video:

Before that I spent sometime visiting a national park and created a 60s clip of the highlights of hiking to the top of an abandoned castle with my kids:

Both of these have been shot in Portugal.

Enjoy !

Nuno Barreto

@nb_visual (instagram handle)


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I live in Montreal and I just love so much this city! I discover new places each summer. Last summer, and went to visit two neighborhood : Little Italia and Quartier des spectacles. I went to Pizzeria Gemma to eat a pizza from an well-known Italien chief, Stefano Fajitas (Yeah, it’s his real name!), and after we went to the Quartier des spectacles and attemped to all the Montreal Events there! It was such an amazing experience!


This summer, I want to do Plateau Mont-Rotal and Chinese Neighborhood!



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I attended a “Chocolate Walk” about a half hour from my home.  It was a great experience.


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