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Share a local travel experience (video, photo essay, article)

A lot of people don’t think about local experiences as travel, and wait to go somewhere to work on their craft…but you should look to your backyard to keep creating and improving. Especially if you don’t have any travel plans in the near future. Remember, your home is travel to everyone else (and looked at from the right perspective, can be travel for you too).

Here’s a video edit I did from a local hike called Flagpole, only 5 minutes out of the town where I live. What have you produced from your own hometown?


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Nice video. I like how simple and inspiring it is.

You’re right about what you say. What we see and take for granted each day is someone else’s treasure.

I am nigerian but i live in Madrid (Spain) and when i see tourists here, i’m like: ”Why do you come here? Madrid is boring as hell. You should go to Jaén or País Vasco. Not Madrid.” But when i go to their cities, let’s say Stavanger in Norway, i’m like ” :O Is that a dog? Such a beautiful norwegian dog, we don’t have norwegian dogs in Madrid. This norwegian dogs are beautiful. We should import them.”

It’s a pity i never cared about making Madrid look nice. I always advice people not to come here because there is nothing to see and it is not really beautiful in my eyes but you are right. Every place has something to offer.

Nice video.

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My hometown is Lower Rose Bay on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve written a blog post about a hiking trail just down the road in the village of Kingsburg. You’re so right when you say that your home is travel to everyone else…

Hiking Gaff Point Trail, Hirtle’s Beach, South Shore Nova Scotia



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Here’s an excerpt from a recent column of mine in the Reading Eagle.

Dispatch from Budapest

I took a vacation from life a few weeks ago and traveled to Hungary, the homeland of my great grandmother, Karolina Izso. Specifically a small city the size of Hamburg named “Máteszálka” near the Ukrainian/Romanian border. I rented a car out of Budapest to have a look-see.

Most of Hungary is flat as a pancake. Farmland in what is called the Carpathian Basin. Sounds romantic, right? Land in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains, the home of Dracula. On my way there I mused on what the place must be like. Did the people hang garlic? Were there packs of wild dogs running loose?

Of course we saw none of that, but we did come across a village of gypsies. Their place was literally across the tracks in Máteszálka. We were seeking out things that make Hungarian towns look Hungarian when we inadvertently crossed the tracks to a very unkempt and unruly section. The road was rutted, the villagers suspicious. They were dark and wild-eyed and made it plain we were unwelcome. We turned around and returned to the land of my ancestors.
Someday I’ll get brave and cross the tracks for real. Maybe when I speak Hungarian. Which will not be any time soon. I studied for months and learned exactly eight words. Things like “Dohanybolt” which means tobacco store and “Gyogyszertár” which means chemist. Really helpful things like that. 

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@David I wish I saw your piece last year as we were  rightthere in summer 2016 on a cross-Canada roadtrip. Looks beautiful.

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Hey Carlo! We just finished a cross-Canada trip in September. A fantastic country to drive across. We’re living on Vancouver Island now…

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Hello Carlo,

Great video with nice editing and colour correction. Good luck with your entry. I agree that you should focus on your immidate area as well and not only dream about your next big trip

I’ve started with film making, definitely a different thing than photography. It’s nice that todays modern digital cameras makes it possible to combine both. Feel free to check out my very first short film from Malmö, Sweden

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Awesome David…did you get to Newfoundland as well? We go to the island often, my wife has a lot of family in Nanaimo and area.

Thanks Jacek…I learned a lot about colour correction editing that video, learned how to use the Lumetri scopes in Premiere…invaluable! This is an excellent tutorial on colour correcting in Premiere if anyone’s interested. Great little video…what stabilizer are you using?

Thanks for the thoughts Nofi!

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Yes, we started out by visiting Newfoundland and PEI, then left Nova Scotia for B.C. Newfoundland is amazing. Next time we go there we’ll need at least a month to explore more of the province and do more hiking in Gros Morne Park.

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Thanks for the link to the tutorial. Will definitely check that out.

I use the Zhiyun crane v2, a very good tool. The initial learning for balancing takes some time, but a good tutorial is this one;





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Newfoundland IS amazing. Loved it there.

Jacek, that’s the stabilizer I have as well, it’s great!

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My favourite thing to do when back home in Singapore is to explore the street art in its alleyways. I just completed my 4th guide for the Chinatown area

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Would love to get some feedback

cheers, D

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I live in Toronto which is the most multi-cultural city in the world. I often think it’d be a great place for a cultural travel film. Most of the travel films surrounding Toronto focus on the architecture and urban life, rather then the multi-cultural communities . Street photography is a huge hobby of mine and I often roam Toronto’s china town for interesting shots. Here are some favourites:

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