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Seattle area Meetup for Business and Travel Talk!

Hello to my PNW area people,

I am finding myself in a situation that I’m sure many of you all are familiar with. I am one credit away from being finished with my BS degree in Global Sustainability Studies. I have been working office jobs to pay for school and the bills while writing on the side for the past couple of years. My contract at my current job ends on Sept 30 and I have been perusing for other options – mostly mindless work like restaurants, coffee shops, retail, etc.

But then I realized, I don’t want to work another mindless job. Jobs in sustainability are bleak and travel is my real passion anyway. There must be others like me who are wanting to start a business with like-minded people who have like-minded visions on what they want to do with their life – something travel journalism related and meaningful!

So then I came up with the idea to band together, perhaps with other Matadorians (if that is the correct term?), who would like to do work that they genuinely enjoy for a living. If not now, then when, right?! We all have different skills, strengths and weaknesses, and maybe just maybe if we work together we can create something awesome. Even if it’s a side project with the potential of growing into something greater or a genuine business model, we should be getting paid for doing what we love! Or at least that’s my viewpoint.

If you feel like me and you live in and/or frequent the Pacific Northwest area frequently, let’s have a meetup to talk more! Personally, I am in Seattle but we can pick a place that is central to all who want to participate! It will be a great chance to meet other MatadorU students, alumni, and faculty, at the very least, and an opportunity to network for those of us interested in doing so.

Please respond if you are or would be interested. I’m thinking sometime between now and the holidays is best, but I am also open to pushing it back to 2016, depending on interest and availability for all.

I hope this interests at least a few – let’s take advantage of this awesome community of similar souls and support!


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