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Responsible Tourism and Volunteer work

What do volunteer work and responsible tourism have in common?

The international volunteer is a traveler who wants to immerse in other cultures beyond what is offered by traditional tourist activities. It means, he wants to be part of the communities that knows for the first time enjoying the cultural exchange, giving a contributing with their skills and knowledge and learning from others.
Everyone needs leisure time without work obligations for resting, peaceful thinking, enjoy family and friends, nature, see new landscapes and feel connected with oneself and the surround. 

Tourism enrich the lives of tourists, including impacts on health, well-being, happiness and quality of life. It can be considered a social right. 

What do the possibility of accessing tourism and the concept of responsible tourism have in common?

Highlighting the tourist activity for human development, responsible tourism promotes cultural excahnge, respect for diversity and care for the natural and cultural attractions of each visited place.

At Voluntario Global, we believe that volunteering is a great way to take part in responsible tourism.<

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