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Hi all!


I am conducting research on educational travel experience and would appreciate any and all involvement. It does not matter where you live or how often you travel, just that you do travel. Likewise, you MUST be 18 years old to participate in this survey.  If you are work in the educational travel field, have traveled in the last 10-15 years, or just like to travel in general, then please take this survey. Regardless of if you take the survey, if you share it with your friends  on social media, that would be incredibly helpful for our research as well.


Your participation is completely voluntary. There are no direct benefits to participants, but we greatly appreciate your time and effort. You will be asked to fill out a short survey about your experiences with educational travel. Educational travel is defined as experiences that encompass both formal (study abroad, school trips, tours, etc) and informal travel (solo travel, travel with friends or family, etc). You will also be asked a few basic demographic questions, and have the opportunity to answer some open ended questions.


This survey should only take 10-20 minutes to complete, and you can feel free to leave questions you would prefer not to answer blank. There are no foreseeable risks to your participation. To protect your confidentiality, only aggregate data will be reported, and we will not collect your name.


If you have any questions about this research, or would like to know the results of the study, please feel free to contact Jeromy Slaby (at 412-600-2899 /, Luke Hunter (at 248-506-8365 /, or the Primary Investigator, R. Lee Frazer, Ph.D. (970-247-7353 /, Associate Professor of Adventure Education.


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Much Thanks Everyone!


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I  have tried to join the survey but is no longer exist. I’m a travel enthusiast and traveled to different countries for my research purpose and during holidays. This is interesting but I’m unlucky. My profession is writing which I started 16 years ago. Now, I’m a writer as well as an editor from Essays Chief writing service having Masters in Social Sciences, Sociology, and Educational Sciences. I have a great desire to travel around the world and hope it be done.

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