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Recommendation for mic on Sony A6000?

I have a Zoom H2N recorder that I could use for sound, but am thinking it would be more easy/convenient to attach an external mic to the Sony. Does anyone have recommendations for mics? Nothing too crazy, not the cheapest either. Just something that would capture significantly better audio than the in-camera mic.

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The Rode Shotgun Mic works great for me

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I’ve used Rode before with my DSLR and it worked very well. I forgot the exact model but it was compact and sold for 99 CAD. Looks very similar to the shotgun mentioned above.

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Rode mic Pro is what I’d recommend for sure! I’ve been using this for a few years now.

It can take a beating,¬†sand and water doesn’t affect it much. Well worth looking into.

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Thanks all…I did a bit more digging. The thing with this camera is Sony didn’t add a mic input, so you essentially have to buy one of their proprietary¬†mics that goes on the hotshoe.

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