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RE evolution of assignment / feedback structure at MatadorU

MatadorU students and alumni,

We wanted to take a moment to address concerns about the transition to MatadorU’s structure, particularly how feedback is now offered.

These changes have been made made for several reasons. Our old model dispersed both student and faculty energy by working on and critiquing smaller, isolated assignments. This may have resulted in instant gratification, but did not produce the levels of improvement (and completion) of student work that we know is possible with a reorganized assignment structure and more comprehensive feedback.

Our new model is already producing results. Students will find that the midterm and finals incorporate the entire progression of skills built on cumulative assignments, and that faculty reviews support your work not just as isolated ‘exercises’, but in the context of your overall development as a travel journalist. The new system of feedback will help you produce work ready for publication, or for use in your portfolio.

Just to be clear: Individual elements of all chapters will be reviewed by faculty in the entrance exam, midterm, and final. Students also have the opportunity to revise each of their pieces, giving the opportunity for meaningful dialogue and further development around this work.

Next, it’s important to consider that the forthcoming features of the new MatadorU will supercharge student interaction and peer review. One of these features is the Student Showcase – a new place for students to post and interact with all assignment work from all students. This will be a new community space for faculty, students, and alumni and will make commenting, collaborating, and engaging with each other easier and more fulfilling. This increased social interaction will be the kind of interaction you will depend and thrive on as you move into a freelance career.

We have been and will continue to invest in faculty expansion, course improvements, and website upgrades. MatadorU is continuously evolving; the next series of features should be launched by mid December.

Thank you for your patience as we transition through this phase and continue to roll out these new features.

The MatadorU Team

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Hey in this chapter it says MatadorU wants to know what type of film making we want to do… Well I want to take advantage of any opportunities that MatadorU has to offer wheather its full time work, paid assignment, or press trips… but until I can conquer one of those opportunities in the meantime I wanted to work on filming a reality tv show project that’s connected to a non profit organization program about helping the youth. I would appreciate any feedback that MatadorU will give me on this subject. Thanks

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The best thing you can do is just produce work and keep on doing it! That’s what the program is about. Opportunities come through learning a craft and making connections through that craft. Keep at it!

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I have a question about submitting assignments at the end of each chapter. Since there is a word minimum, is it no longer ok to post a link to our blog outside MatadorU?

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We would prefer that you complete your assignment in the dashboard so faculty and students can see and comment on your work easily without navigating away. I would suggest that you also publish the work to your blog so that you may continue to practice using wordpress and formatting articles.

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Hey, I noticed something about investing in faculty expansion, maybe you should hire some people for the photography department, it appears as if someone has been playing hooky. (or maybe they are just sleeping)

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