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I am trying to put a banner ad (just for myself as is suggested in the readings) onto my blog page (I use wordpress with the photocrati theme for photographers). I am trying to put the Facebook logo into a spot in the footer area, but can’t get it to work using the Image Banner widget. Is this the best plug in to use? Is there another one that is better?



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The back end of the blog is not my strong suit, so I’ve asked some other folks on the Matador team to look at your question and offer some ideas.

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Hi Lynne

What is the address of your blog? I’ve always used a plugin called WP125 ( – that might do the trick?

Do you have a position in the footer of your template that allows you to put widgets there?

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I do have a space for widgets in the footer. I currently have things like recent posts, comments. I wanted to add a space for ads (if I decide to do this), but thought i would just try putting a “follow me on Facebook” ad on there for now to see how it looks. My blog is I will try out your suggestion and see what happens. Thanks, Richard!

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You have a few options. Looks like you’re playing with it now. I see a new little Facebook ad on the Footer. That looks pretty good. You have a couple of options here.

In addition to Richard’s WP125, I’ve used WPX Affiliate Manager and simple ads manager.

Here’s a couple of sites using your theme that have some nice, unobtrusive ad placement if you’re looking for ideas on placement options.

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Okay, so I see it works on the separate blog posts but not on the general blog post page. That’s fine. I didn’t check it to see if it worked that way. I will consider some other options though.


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