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Question about Marketplace

Hi.  If you see a marketplace opportunity for Matador are you meant to submit via the Submit now button on your Dashboard or via the email listed.

Many thanks for the assistance


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Hey Lara,

Glad you’re diving into the Marketplace/Creator’s Community, there are a lot of great opportunities in there. Most of the leads will come without a direct email address — that means you should submit through the ‘send work to editors’ button on your dashboard. Just reference the specific lead/submission call on the form.

However, if there is a direct email address listed, feel free to send your submission directly to that person. For instance, there’s a call out for personal essays on how climate change has impacted a place you love and my own email address is listed as the direct contact.

Looking forward to seeing your work on Matador, Lara, good luck.

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Thanks for the welcome and lovely reply Emma. ¬†Looking forward to getting involved with the Marketplace/Creator’s Community


Thanks again!


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