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Problem Uploading Content to Profile

I’m trying to upload URL’s of my published work to my profile but after entering the URL and clicking on Load Content, I get a message to Choose a Feature Image but there seems to be no link (not live, at least) with which to do that. And when I go back to my Profile to see the link I just added, nothing is there under the Content tab. I’m at a loss. Any ideas? Thanks!

View Profile 2018-07-23 09:54:16 PDT

Don’t know the answer, but I am having the exact same thing happen to me!

View Profile 2018-07-23 13:02:03 PDT

Thanks for your note, Adrienne. Glad at least I’m not alone! I have sent a note to Support but no answer yet. These online companies need Customer (User) Support the likes of Amazon or Apple. The other thing that has annoyed me is that a few years ago when I was more active in travel writing, I posted quite a lot on Matador on what I remember as my “blog page.” Now all that seems to have disappeared. Grrrr!!!

View Profile 2018-07-24 12:34:27 PDT

Hi Kat. Please let me know if you get an answer. I tried again today and got the same result. It looks like everything loads, but then when you go back to look at your published work there is nothing there. I am new to Matador and originally thought I was just doing something wrong. Very frustrating!

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I just sent an email to Support too. Hopefully we will get an answer. 🙂

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All, I had the same problem, and couldn’t figure it out. Tech support posted my first few URLs – and then stopped answering my emails (not that I blame them). Turns out it was my browser. Now I use Chrome.

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Yes, you have to use Chrome to get them to upload. I had the same problem awhile back.

View Profile 2018-07-25 00:34:18 PDT

Oh wow! Thanks so much. Didn’t even think of that.

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Thanks to all of you. I never thought of that either, although many apps don’t work on Safari. I’ll give either Firefox or Chrome a try.

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It would be nice, however, if Support would ANSWER emails sent to them. I still have heard nothing. AND it would be sensible and helpful if they would note the required browser on the Profile or Add Content pages. Hello, Matador… you listening??

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Hi Kat (and all)…using Chrome is a good tip for this platform. Safari can definitely be buggy…that said, if no feature image is showing up you won’t be able to add it to your content as it requires a feature image to be set on the URL you’re trying to post. You can try contacting the website where your content is and asking them to add a feature image.

As for the blog posts from the past, Matador removed those probably around 8 or 9 years ago, after notifying everyone and giving them opportunities to retrieve an archive of them. I believe we still have them on a server…if you’d like yours I can see about retrieving them for you. They come in an exported package that you’d have to re-import into a platform like WordPress or similar.

Thanks for being patient!

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Thanks for the info, Carlo. However, I’m still having problems. I have managed to add two stories to my Profile but the next ones I’ve tried – both in Firefox and in Chrome – don’t pick up a feature photo. I don’t understand why. There are images in the stories; the URL’s are still good. The only difference is that the first two articles are from a local newspaper, both print and online. The others I tried are online only – and the website is no longer publishing, although my work still shows up using the URL. And unfortunately (now), that website was where much of my travel articles were published. If I can still reach the former publisher, how would they “add” a feature image when the photos are already in the story? Thanks for additional info.

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Carlo – It appears that none of my articles published on have a “featured image.” If I understand correctly, the featured image would be the photo at the top of the story, right? just uses its own logo at the top with my photos interspersed through the article. Isn’t there some way to pull one of those photos? This is very frustrating because so much of my work is on that site.

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There can be images in a story but no “feature image” set, which is why none show up…can you paste a couple links here and I’ll check it out?

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