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Press Trip Sample for Biosphere Expedition

I only found Biosphere Expedition fitting and I do think I qualify for their expedition- more like I hope so.

If this sounds good, I will submit it. SUPPORT SYSTEM PLEASE .


Greetings Kate from Biosphere Expedition,

Hello. I am writing regarding my interest in the recently posted Biosphere Expedition for travel writers to cover its wildlife conservation volunteering expeditions around the world. My name is Aubrey Vailoces and I am advancing my craft in writing at MatadorU. I have an Associate degree in Science and a BA in Accounting focusing on International Accountancy with a minor in economics.

I have carefully reviewed the overview of Biosphere Expeditions projects at the wildlife conservation volunteering expeditions at various locations and would like to write for one of the expeditions. With that being said, I am comfortable with all of the expeditions announced. I do however am more familiar with trips that involves water expedition such as Maldives-coral reefs and whale sharks; Malaysia-coral reef, sharks, dolphins; Azores-whales, dolphins, turtles; and other water related activities since I grew-up in the ocean-world of The Philippines. I also have been trained to dive. If given the task to cover the wildlife expedition of these activities I am equipped to work. I will be able to write every detail of the activities both in and out of the water.

Deciding on the location only depends on my financial limitation, time however (1-2 weeks expeditions) will not be of any issue.

I will also share my expedition to my social media, WordPress, Twitter, MatadorNetwork, StumbleUpon, Facebook, and Tumbler. My social media is freshly press 3 months ago and it already has 4,900 hits combine and 19 followers. My demographic is diverse in age, interest, and location. Base on that, I am expecting 1,600 unique viewers per month according to my historical view statistic and in hopes to hit viral content, who knows maybe even higher stream of viewers and followers.

I have written advice column on dating on my university articles, how-to’s at Wikihow (with 1,465 views in less than one month), written different forms of writing for MatadorU, constructed a detailed itinerary for Chicago city, and written short narrative stories at my blogs.

I can provide sample works and any other documentation you’d like.

I appreciate your time,

Aubrey Vailoces

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Hey Aubrey,

This is nicely written, although it definitely needs to be a paragraph or two shorter and some things need to be smoothed out. You can trim unnecessary sentences here and there, like: “With that being said, I am comfortable with all of the expeditions announced.” Isn’t needed!

“I do however am more familiar with trips” = I am most familiar with…

Don’t get into too crazy details about your predicted traffic flow will be if you get the trip. Just tell them what you know for certain. If they’re interested, they’ll likely need a letter of assignment from wherever you want to be published, like Matador. Be sure to really highlight the skills that qualify, i.e. your science background. Clean it up and of course, give it a shot!


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Thank you for this. I didn’t have the chance to follow up with this assignment. Life got busy but I do appreciate the feedback. I will clean it up and give it a shot. Also, I qualify for this press trip right? My mind is not big?

I really do believe I can do this press trip but I also don’t want to put myself out there if I don’t fit the qualification.

Much appreciation


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Aubrey, yes, your background and skill set makes you an ideal candidate. Now it’s just a matter of giving them the right publications!

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