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Press Trip Pitch …Finally

Press Trip Pitch

I struggled with this assignment which is why I was so slow to turn it in.

Lay it on me…How bad is it?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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Hi Tammy – thanks for posting your Chapter 8 assignment. I know that a busy work schedule can make travel for press trips tricky but I do think it is possible and there are tons of places in the US that are available to people who only have a weekend.

I go on lots of PR trips and help organize many for Matador as well, so I hope a little feedback form me is welcome…

– Get confident; You need to work on your sales pitch. Why are you a good pick for this trip? What links to photo galleries, previous articles and social networks can you provide? You need to use language that elevates you to the status of ‘of course she is perfect for this trip’ and empowers you as a travel storyteller.

– Get specific; ‘My mother was born in South Dakota so we visited a lot and I am very familiar with the area.’ This is where you should really flex your knowledge of the area – make some strong statements about specific places – name attractions that you would like to cover by name and tell the person reading this that you A: know what you are talking about B: have done your homework and really want this trip and C: you have a plan of attack.

– Pitch a story: Pitch a few ideas – do you want to review some of the best hotels, cover family travel options, write about the local food scene? Let the PR person reading this see that you will A: make their job easier and B: have specific audience and media goals.

You say you are new on the scene – don’t. If, in the course of PR events you have to admit that yes, you are a beginner, then so be it. But do not sign off in a PR query with the admission of not having done this before. INSTEAD focus on your South Dakota expertise, love, history and the detailed plans for the media you will produce form the trip.

I would end by asking what area’s of tourism the PR company would like more focus on and suggest having a over-the-phone meeting to discuss the best dates and itineraries.

Good first crack Tammy – now get confident, specific and go for the throat!

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Thank you so much for the feedback! I appreciate it!

I will revise with some confidence and specifics!


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Press Trip Pitch reviision

Hi Josh

I hope this is much more “selling” and specific.

Thank you again for your help!


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1000% better

I believe working with someone who is knowledgeable, confident and will believe will go above and beyond expectations is what every PR person trying to place people on these trips is looking for. Publication assignments, numbers of readers and media outreach is important – but being prepared, informed and enthusiastic is invaluable.

Nice work tammy!

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