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Press Trip Application

Hey Candice!

As you probably already know, I don’t exactly have the experience people may be looking for at the moment for press trips. So, I wrote this assignment with the experience that I DO have in mind. That equals: this matadoru experience and my personal blog. Here is the link to my assignment:

I do also have a question relating to the other parts of the assignment. I have signed up for an account at both and Media Kitty. Media Kitty states that it will need up to a week to look over my ‘information’ to decide whether to accept my application!? maybe this is normal, but i didn’t want to wait a week to look into their assignments. For I feel I can’t actually see much information unless I pay the $49 yearly subscription fee. The potential press trip I wrote about is the same another student wrote about recently, simply because, there are only two options I am able to see! Am I missing something? I don’t feel this site is useful at all if I don’t subscribe and pay the fee.

Also, I am leaving for my trip around the world in a couple weeks. Maybe the information for guide books is on these sites and I’m not able to see it…but, I already know my general itinerary. Where can I find information relating to guidebooks? I could potentially complete assignments for any market needed as I’ll already be traveling to so many areas in the next year. Is this information also on these two sites and I’m just not able to see it?

Thank you for any and all constructive criticism of my ‘pitch’. I feel this is my weakest point at the moment so all advice is welcome! Also, thanks for helping me with the other, ‘issues’. :)


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Hey Whitney,

I’ve kinda fallen off the Media Kitty bandwagon, to be honest. Got too busy with other projects. Let me talk to some of the other eds who still use it, and I’ll get back to you shortly. Will also follow up with pitch feedback.



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Hey Whitney,

Just revisiting this now. I had a conversation with some of the editors at Media Kitty and we’ve all agreed to strike it from the curriculum within the coming weeks. We’re in the process of updating ALL material, so we’ll let you know when it’s complete. Sorry for the confusion. In the meantime, please carry on with the lessons.

Your pitch is solid and well written. Except for a typo here: “I believe leisure travelers must first be motivated and interested in a country and will on then look into the details of where to go and what to see in a specific country.” (Not sure what that’s supposed to read.)

For many press trips like these, the company may request your blog’s stats or a letter of assignment from a publication like Matador. If you were going to pitch the idea to US, however, we’d need a tighter assignment focus. Just the same, it’s a great intro and demonstrates your writing skills just fine!


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