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Pitch for Press Trip

I am still a beginning writer and do not really consider myself a “journalist” yet, however I put together this short pitch just for some good practice for the future. I do not feel very confident about the content of my pitch because of the lack of experience that I have and limited options that I can offer, but nonetheless I gave it a shot.

It is in response to a potential press trip through India. Here is a link to the press trip:

And here is my theoretical email response:

My name is John Hunter and I am a freelance travel writer interested in participating in your press trip through India. In 2008, I led a tour group of 47 people through Agra, Delhi and Chennai that gave me invaluable insight to the travel lifestyle of India. I have studied Indian history and religion extensively and believe that I can give a high quality comprehensive review of the places we will visit.

I do not have any official publications under my name, however I am currently enrolled in travel writing classes at Matador U. Please take a look at some samples of my writing at in which I chronicle my experiences of living on an island in Micronesia. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

John Hunter

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Hey John,

This is actually quite a well constructed pitch for this type of job…short and sweet, demonstrates your knowledge and qualifications, etc. Another addition I’d make is listing a potential story idea or two so that the PR folks can know what kind of content you’ll do for them.

You’re right, however, in saying that your limited publication experience may prove negative in this case. Typically, with a few good publications under your belt, you’ll be a much more ideal candidate for the trip. (Patience indeed!) That doesn’t mean you can’t apply, however. Never hurts to try.


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