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Has anyone used this site before ( Should we be using it as travel bloggers, or will it scare away our audience?

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Looks like their site has moved here:

As for whether it would scare away readers, dunno. Gut reaction is yes, though everything seems very transparent which I suppose helps. Probably depends a lot on what you blog about anyway, and so whether these paid posts fit the theme.

Their default pay would give you $11 for a 200 word post plus link. Unless you are going to try to do loads of these things, is it worth it?

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Yeah, I think you’re right. Looked good on first glance, but probably not worth the effort.

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I joined up.

I’ll do it if something comes up, but so far (after 2 months or so) nothing has been appropriate. I have to write about World of Warcraft, History of some African country, why a certain brand of wine is the best, etc.

All for $2 or so, which is not worth me spending time, I’m not interested in it (so assume my audience won’t be either) and will struggle to muster up enthusiasm/bullsh!t about something I know nothing about, and it’ll probably be obvious and out of character for regular readers.

But as I said, no harm in signing up :-) It’s not worth pinning any hopes on finding something appropriate for your site though.

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thanks for the 1st person report on that rob.

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Thanks, Rob! Those aren’t bad topics though, I figured they’d be much more dry.

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