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One Week Guide to Sicily


I signed up for but did not see any press trip or guidebook writing assignments that I was interested in or qualified for. In fact, there wasn’t very much available at all with a demo subscription. Do you use Do you think it is worth the $49 a year or am I better off submitting to publications I find through my own research?

In any case, Aubrey mentioned in her assignment creating a list of travel publications, and I decided to write a pitch to them as my assignment for chapter 8 to have the practice of writing a guidebook pitch, even though they have their own online format. In general, what do you think of the content of my letter? Do I need to focus more on my qualifications and less on my reasons for wanting to write the guide?



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Hey Alanna,

I actually spoke to one of the curriculum writers recently about removing Media Kitty and or finding some alternative. Honestly (although I haven’t used them a whole lot), they never really benefitted me at all. Bit outdated by now. So kudos for looking elsewhere.

You’ve laid this out really well, actually. Although you need to add a few details here and there to really catch the editor’s attention. You mention food — well, what kind of food was most memorable for you? Give us a detail or two to add some colour. Fav beach? Fav place to be? What surprised you after living with your boyfriend’s family?

Focus less on the fact you’re a new travel writer. Wanderlust & Lipstick is a very respectable and loved travel site, so if you’re already showcased there, make it prominent. With the MatadorU thing rolled in, the recipients of your pitch know you’re serious about what you do and are really starting to get OUT there. We have a need to plead our cases to death, but be firm about your strengths and it goes a long ways. Nice work!


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I’m so glad I’m not the only one feeling a bit lost in this assignment. I’ve been stuck on it for a couple weeks now, feeling that is a bit confusing to navigate and mediakitty are in the process of accepting my application. Thanks for the direction, Alanna (and Aubrey)!

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