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OK, an advertising page, now what?

Hi all,

just wanted to see if you guys recognise this: I now have an advertising page on my website ( (I write both English and Dutch, so have 2 versions of the advertising page). I have tweeted about it, put it on Linkedin, Facebook, etc. Several people have liked the updates on both my Fem op reis Facebook page and Linkedin. Some have shared it. One person posted a reply. Not the kind of reply I was hoping for….(‘vague, foggy, vague, doing things completely unrelated to what you’re doing, but hey, maybe, bla, LOVE, X” – seriously, LOVE, X. I don’t know the guy)

Other than that, nothing.

I’ve had requests before I had an advertising page, asking me to do things for free.

I don’t think I’m an interesting party for advertisers. My site in itself is well-visited, but a recent survey showed that my readers find banners extremely annoying, and don’t click on them (which I had noticed in the 6 months I had some affiliate banners). So I don’t offer banners, just reviews of websites, products, services, etc.

I’m not sure what to do. I’ve promoted the page, etc, and am not really comfortable with it at the moment. There’s nothing wrong with the advertising page (it’s also Candice Approved), but I’m afraid it will look stupid to potential adverstisers, given that I have no examples of review posts at all so far.

Any thoughts?

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BTW, with “2 versions of the advertising page” I mean: the text is in Dutch, but you can download both the Dutch and English version on my site

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ok – so first things first – it is not stupid or silly to have a professional, business facing page on your website that addresses the marketing interest of potential partners and clients. Regardless of your previous experience it is a step in the right direction.

You don’t want banner ads – fine, I don’t either actually – but there are MANY ways to be of value to advertisers including direct link advertising, reviews, engaging in pr trips and creating custom content to name a few. You can reach out to the companies that you have an affinity with and offer to engage with their product, service or destination for free, create content and publish on your site as well as theirs.

This will build level of experience that you want and give you an alternate platform to add or sell value to interested parties.

The next step is charging for engagement, and if your traffic is sufficient, it is a distinct possibility.

But don’t rule out advertising or partner branding in the future – it can be done tactfully without detriment to your adoring audience.

If you would like to chat further on this shoot me an email and we can chat.


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Hi Josh,

thanks for your comments. I will have to give it some more thought. Will keep the advertising page on my site (am in fact quite happy with the page itself).

I was thinking of affiliate marketing, where you annoy readers and only get paid per click or even order, and forgot about advertisers who pay for exposure of ads on websites regardless of the number of clicks.

Will have to look into interesting advertisers myself . The past week, some people have contacted me, but without actually reading my advertising page (which is clear about banners), or without relevance for my site. Am Still not too keen on diving into it, but some extra income would indeed be welcome…

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