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Not sure if you want to upgrade to the new courses? This might help

Hi everyone…if you’re having a hard time deciding if you should upgrade to the new Fundamentals courses, I just posted this to the U blog…have a read and see if it answers questions you might have, and helps you make a decision.

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If I switch to the new fundamental course from the one I’m in now, will I always have access to Access and the job board?

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Is there a way to combine two accounts? I have one account for my photography class and one for my writing class. It would be great if I could combine them into one log in. Is that possible?

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How’d that happen? That’s strange. I’ll put you in touch with Katie, our student advisor, and see if this can happen for you. I’m not sure how it will affect the progress though.

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Hi there, I migrated to the Writing fundamentals course in December and I just wanted to say I find the new course material a lot better and the assignments more challenging. Which is what I wanted. Upgrading was one decision I do not regret.

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That’s great Paula thanks for sharing! Feel free to teach out at any time if you have further feedback

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