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Not sure if you want to upgrade to the new courses? This might help

Hi everyone…if you’re having a hard time deciding if you should upgrade to the new Fundamentals courses, I just posted this to the U blog…have a read and see if it answers questions you might have, and helps you make a decision.

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Hi Carlos, that link shows as ‘page not found’, and I’ve tried accessing it through the blog as well, with no luck.

I’ve already done the upgrade, and for the most part I’m loving the look of the new courses; particularly the Fundamentals of Travel Photography, which is far less intimidating to me as an absolute novice photographer.

My only question at the moment is about the bonus modules which we had access too previously and which I was very sad to see had disappeared when I upgraded – will those be making a reappearance at anytime?

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Hey Carlos, I’m rather confused about the new courses as well – am checking out the U after some time – and as mentioned by Audrey, the page link does not load.
Will be great if this can be reposted somewhere. Thanks!

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Hi, sorry…check again.

I will check into the pro modules issue…I knew there was an issue but thought it had been fixed. We’ll get those back!

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Arti, make sure to also check the migration FAQs, linked to in the migration page.

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Audrey, when I view as you I see 8 bonus modules. Are you seeing that?

There should be the Tumblr one too but looks like that’s not showing up – I’ll check into that.

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Thanks Carlos, I can see eight pro modules now. There isn’t a Tumblr one, but Tumblr is blocked in China so I couldn’t use it at the moment anyway! I’m glad these are still available and looking forward to getting on with the course.

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Great…I believe if you log out and log back in you’ll now see the Tumblr one.

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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the post – really helpful.

I know we aren’t given the option to upgrade for free to one of the advanced courses, the upgrade to the new fundamentals one is more than generous, but I was just wondering if you guys have considered offering an upgrade to the advanced one for a set fee? (i.e. transfer to the new courses for free, but pay a bit of a fee to get the change made directly to the advanced course instead). I ask only because I know of a few here already who would like to upgrade but prefer to have the advanced course. No criticism intended, just wondering 🙂 If a student here has already learned a lot about the topic (e.g. travel writing or photography), an upgrade to a course that is split into two parts may cause worry that the fundamental one will only offer what that student may already know 🙂 I know if I’m given the option, I would certainly consider paying an upgrade fee.

I worry that this may sound like a complaint or like criticism, it’s really not, I only wanted to ask 🙂



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Hey Florian…as a current student you do get a discount when signing up for additional courses (it’s the multicourse discount). For example, right now – while the courses are still $325 – you can purchase the Advanced course for $200 (with the current $125 multicourse discount). This is a massive discount, more than half off what the true value of the course is ($475).

If you wait until after Dec 1 when the course prices move to $475, you will end up paying $325 for additional courses…$475 minus the $150 multicourse discount (the multicourse discount will increase when prices increase). So as a student there is always a discount for additional courses.

The option to transfer from the original course into the Advanced course doesn’t exist, but you can upgrade to the Fundamentals course for free, then purchase the Advanced course at a large discount. This is an even better option as you’ll then have both the Fundamentals and Advanced courses, which are really meant to go together and complement each other. Like I’ve said, the Fundamentals course is an upgrade to the current course in regards to straight up building skills as a writer or photographer. True some of the business side stuff is now in the Advanced course, but even if you’ve completed the original courses there’s still a lot to be learned from the new Fundamentals courses. They offer a fresh/different perspective and there really is new material in there.

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Thanks Carlo! Thanks fantastic! Really great deals, will definitely consider it. Also very comforting and no longer concerned about joining the fundamental course.

Thanks again,


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Glad that helped!

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Hi Carlo…I was signing up for the advanced writing class.  I noticed that it said that the cost was 325 USD. I understood from the comments in this thread that as a current student, I would be charged 200 USD for the class. Is there a promo code to use, that I missed somewhere? And please, how do I buy the months of teacher review since it’s been more than a year since I started the photography class?  Thanks.

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Carole when you go to the cart it will show $325 as the cost of the course…but when you select the course you want to enroll in you should see your total to the right, and it will show $325 list price, and then multicourse discount $125…for a total of $200.

As for feedback extension…when you go to Billing (click on the gear icon top right) you will see under the Photography course “Purchase extension” or something like that. Or you can also just go to one of the chapter assignments, and where it says you are no longer eligible for feedback there’ll be a button that takes you to the cart to purchase an extension.

Hope this works for you.

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Carlos,  Thanks again, for your help.


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