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Newbie- advice/feedback please

Hello! Just getting started in this world of travel writing/photography. Any tips or tricks you all may have?

Below are links to blog and instagram. I’d love any feedback you have to offer!



Very excited to join this community, seems like some great opportunities.

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Stephanie, Welcome! One trick that pays dividends for me is to check out the daily news of planned destinations – find out what calendar dates the locals observe – special days, meetings, music festivals (like Jazz Fest in New Orleans), theater events, celebrations (like Thanksgiving in late November in Venice), or Schwartze Peter in Aruba (mid-December).

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Hi Stephanie, lovely to see you here.  I have to admit that I haven’t been terribly active myself lately but am going to enjoy following your adventures on Instagram.  Marlene here or @womenempowerwomenphotographers on Instagram.  Cheers,

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Thank you Mike for the great suggestion! Marlene, thanks for the follow! Your photos are amazing!



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When people are of the subject for writing, it has to be interesting because you have something to connect with. Some of those types of books  are not necessarily classified as “travel” though. Peter Hessler’s books on Japan are not travel, but they do connect with travelers and expats.

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Hey! Thanks for the good suggestion!
You can also find my works on

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