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New member question !

Hi, my name is salwa, i’m new matador contributor, i want to ask about the marketplace, when i apply to one what should i do ? is it necessary to send the story that they want at once or just introduce myself? also i’m new writer so i have no published work yet, what should i do when they ask for samples for my published work? is it necessary?

sorry for my long topic, please help me if you can, thank you.

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Hey Salwa,

Always read the instructions in each call for submission. What I do is I introduce myself very briefly and send¬† 1 paragraph of the idea I’m pitching. You can include links to sites that have published you. Hope that helps!

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thank you, dayana

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Thanks for this question Salwa, I’m also new and trying to figure out how Matador works.¬† Does anyone know if they still offer writing classes on Matador?

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