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New look for blog- feedback and question?

Hi Guys,

First step towards starting out a new blog achieved. I realized that most of my writing was scattered and thought it would be a good idea to have it centralized at one place. This is work in progress but feedback is very welcome.

also, I have a question, if anyone can help-

With the RSS feeds, do I need to do something to activate these i.e. for other people to know when a new post comes through? Sorry if I sound like a twit but am only just finding my way around this.


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Hey Priyanka,

For the RSS feed you don’t need to do anything to activate. It’s already there and people will receive your updates once they subscribe to your blog.

Your blog looks good! I’d just remove some widgets from the sidebar: “Meta” and “Spam Blocked” and add maybe a Social Media widget to help people connect with you on Twitter/Facebook/etc.

And avoid long posts with no photos at all. Makes it hard to read :)



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Hi Dan,

Thank you so much for your feedback. Appreciated! Also, thanks for answering my question about RSS feeds.

Working on the widgets. Reg your comment on long posts with no photos- Noted for future :)


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Hi Dan (again!)

I went through your website and I have to say you have some great work there. The black background is dramatic and ver effective. Enjoyed the slideshow of your portfolio immensely.

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Hi, Priyanka-

Love the name of your blog and the theme you’ve chosen is really nice. I like its simplicity; it’s not distracting, as many blogs are. Do you need someone to walk you through setting up the widgets?

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Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for going through my blog. Even better that you like the new look :)

I am working my way through the widgets but will yell out for help if I get stuck. the blog is slightly static at the moment as I am working on a pitch that has been approved by Candice for Matador Life. It’s one of the ones that I wrote out for assignment 5 as part of Matador Change. Abbie felt that it was a better fit for Life and sent it through to Candice.

Looking forward to seeing that published soon :) Will send you a link once it’s up.


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Great- glad to hear you’re working with Candice.

Once you’re knee-deep in working on the blog, let us know if you need any help. I’m not the best tech person around, but we’ve got plenty of people to help you troubleshoot.

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