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Nat Geo contest – I made it to the editors picks :)

Hi all,

My entry for the National Geographic contest has made it to the editors’ favourite submissions gallery.

As far as I know, this is the second entry by a MatadorU student that is picked by the Nat Geo editors – I’m so, so happy!!! :)



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I’m happy for you! It is a great, natural portrait. And I like the environment it was taken in.

Congrats (you must be jumping with joy!) and thank you for sharing!

Thuyvi (Twee-vee)

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Love the photgraph! I ‘liked’ it as well.

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I love love love reading posts that start with “I made it”. Good luck!

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Well done! Great photo – love the expression!

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Fantastic- congratulations; it’s an absolutely beautiful, powerful photo.

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Spectacular photo Emanuele! Did you use any off-camera lighting for this shot? The exposure is perfect.

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Thank you all!

@Jonny – although I use my flashgun off-camera from time to time, this time it was all natural light. Because the largest amount of light came from behind the man, and because my subject”s skin was particularly dark, I had to use some fill light and some local contrast (in post- processing) to make the image look like I saw it.

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That’s a great moustache. Well done!

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Congratulations once more, Emanuele!!! You deserve it as many times you get it!!

If you were jumping with joy, and you probably were :))) hope you did not twist your ankle as I did :)

Yes, yes, it seems that Matador is a good source of talents for NAT GEO!!!



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Congrats, Emanuele! Great photo.

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It is a great picture! Congratulations, well deserved!!

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Great shot! Love it!

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Rajasthan seems to be a really unique place. Good work mate!

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It’s really a great image! Congratulations, Emanuele!!!

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