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Are there examples of long narratives vs narrative essays?

I’d like to read some to get a better understanding of them…

Thank you!


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May depend upon your definition, but long, non-fiction, travel writing narratives may even be book length. Any particular geographical area interest you? I’d be happy to make some recommendations.

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@Susana- thanks for your questions. Here is a great example of a long narrative:

here’s a short narrative, just published a couple days ago:

in the days and weeks ahead i’ll be writing a bit more about the difference between what i like to call ‘notes’ and what i consider narrative features. for now, the key difference, one you can see in these two examples, is that a short narrative or note usually centers on a single scene or key event, whereas a feature usually covers multiple days / scenes.

hope that helps.

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that does help thank you david!

i was just going over the key terms and trying to make sense of it.


because its happening to me.

i am going through the chapters more slowly than they are popping up available to me.

will students be cut from accessing them at some point in time?


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@susana: once you become a Matador student, you acquire the course materials forever! You can choose to continue subscribing or not to the Market Leads.

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