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My comments about the Chapter 10 Assignment

Hi Faculty,

After several days of reading through other students’ posts on the Chapter 10 forum, browsing random blogs online, and completing the Recommended Reading section, I do not believe that this assignment pertains to me at this point in time.

Last week, I asked for some advice on a few concerns of mine. Candace advised me that I should consider starting a new blog to pursue my travel writing ideas and career aspirations, rather than using my unprofessional MatadorU blog or my personal blog. I think this the best option and I have plans in the works. I am fortunately enough to have an IT savvy boyfriend who owns his own online business so we have been discussing some details about how my new blog should be set up. I feel that I need to identify a clear niche (or two) and a focus for what I hope to put out into the world for a new blog that sets it apart from the rest. I do not want to establish yet another generic travel blog that offers the public nothing more than they could get somewhere else. I’m still thinking…..pondering….pounding my head against the wall.

But back to the point, I do not currently have a blog that is ready to consider advertising space or media kits. I’m simply not there yet. I feel that there was a huge jump in the curriculum from the previous chapters to this one, leaving a pit in my stomach and frustration in my head. Generally, I feel that I need to work on producing more content so instead of completing this assignment I am going to work on a new article to submit to the Writing Lab for feedback. I am most interested in producing some good material, identifying sources that might be interested in publishing it, and submitting a few articles just to see what happens and how the process goes.

So in conclusion, the dog didn’t eat my homework. Have a nice evening and as always, any response to feedback to the above rambling would be most welcome.


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I feel you Alyssa! I’m in the same boat. The course was cruising and Assignment 10 has me in a similar spot, wondering and wandering around trying to figure out if my wondering and wanderings are even worth a damn!

Hang in there,


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Ha! Alyssa and Andy, totally do what you feel most comfortable with doing. The chapter about making money and all that fun stuff isn’t meant to be a “DO THIS NOW” exercise, but more or less to prepare you and walk you through the basics. I graduated from MatadorU in 2009, and it’s still a learning process for me. Mostly This industry is constantly changing.

But congrats on working hard to take this more seriously.

Here’s a great article that might offer some further insight:

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