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Muslim Traveler around the world

As a muslim i am so blessed to stay in malaysia . However to see and learn more culture and new thing is something that my religion encourage to do . Through out my remarkable journey in my i live i have being travel to so many place in europe such as central europe , eastern europe , south eastern europe for instant to Monte negro , Croatia , Sarayevo, and not to forget to Asean Country like Australia , japan , Korea , China and others . This is apart of muslim i am also a tourleader for one big travel agency in Malaysia . We serve to all Muslim in Malaysia to prepare a good package and quality muslim packages.

However we also having such a very big difficulties in order to ensure the package is suitable for a muslim customer . As a muslim packages provider we are required to make sure our packages follow a muslim basic requirement first and foremost is a halal muslim meal , to ensure a prayers time is accomplished , muslim friendly hotel or accomodations and must provide a quality itinerary and good tourguide .

Muslim Market in Malaysia is still new and we are really depend to the proposed itinerary from the travel agency . We are not very independent traveler which like to enjoy full free and easy which we need to find our own way or own routes when travelling , Especially to a Europe sectors. Halal meals is one of the challenging part when we are travel . In order t find full halal meal we may have to bring our own packaging meal from malaysia . This is the most tricky part . Some country will not allowed us to bring food especially meats. Due to that below is some of the Tips that i can share to all my traveler muslim .

1. Sea food , find a fully seafood restaurant .

2. Vegetarian , find a vegetarian restaurant.

3. Turkish / Lebanon or any middle east restaurant .

4. Any Jewish restaurant .

Try to find out above restaurant or eat at the above restaurant . if you may not find any halal restaurant.

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