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Motorcycle journey books — what do you recommend?

So after responding to the other book thread, I realized that there might be a lot to be said about motorcycle literature, specifically. Anyone have recommendations?

There’s Zen, obviously. Love it or hate it?

I’m currently reading The Perfect Vehicle by Melissa Holbrook Pierson. Picked it up because I was looking for a motorcycle/philosophy-type book after reading Zen and the Art and honestly finding it a chore to get through after the first 100 pages. The Perfect Vehicle, though, is excellent. Wouldn’t recommend it for someone who doesn’t ride but if you do or want to get started, read it. Her writing is so visceral and so relatable. She goes into the history of moto culture, production, the connections to WWII, the importance of working on your own machine — all while telling her own personal story about getting started with riding. It’s got a lot of the same philosophical arguments as Zen does, but without the 20-page long soliloquies about Thaddeus. 😉

Next, I’m going to read Jupiter’s Travels by Ted Simon. Would love to hear about any nonfiction, fiction, even maintenance books you all might have enjoyed.

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After watching Long Way Round a million times ( I owned a copy), I read the book while traveling in Sumatra, Indonesia. It was a fantastic read. Ewan McGregor is quite funny and I think most would relate to his rough going experience while on the road.

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Hey Tamara, I watched the show but have never read the book. When I picked up Jupiter’s Travels, a review said that it was actually the inspiration for McGregor’s trip — so you should definitely check it out. Just finished A Perfect Vehicle as well and the book ends with the author’s trip around Europe, might be another good one for you if you’re planning to do something similar.

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The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara? I’ve only seen the movie though.

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Love that movie, Carlo, haven’t even thought to check out the book.

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I don’t know if these books were mentioned in the other thread you refer to, but Lois Pryce’s books are great.  She’s an English woman who does epic motorbike trips – most recently solo across Iran.  She’s also married to another biker (I think called Austin?) who does similar things, and I think had a TV show.

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Cool, Lucy. I’ll check her out, never heard of her before.

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