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Media Survival Kit & Neon Advertising Page For Jules

Holy learning curve, Batman. I’ve actually (insert bashful emoticon here) never hyperlinked or created a PDF file before. So, it took me around a thousand extra hours to complete this assignment. I already had a list of my publishing credits, it was a matter of hyperlinking them all.

Burning questions:

1. In regards to listing publishing credits–is it similar to the guidelines of a typical job resume and only including experience within the decade?

2. What is the proper format for listing work published in anthologies? I opted for book title, story title, publisher and date. Please advise. Also, with periodicals and newspaper listings–story title, publisher, date?

3. Can you let me know if my PDFs open okay (found on Advertising Page). My brother installed Fort Knox on my laptop after the big viral issue and the security settings won’t allow me to open them from the blog.

4. And, please, for the love of god, can someone please tell me how the hell I can change the font size on WordPress. Due to above Fort Knox situation, I now have to cut and paste documents (from Word) using Word or Plain Text, which both scramble the font type, size and spacing.

Here are the goods:

Media Survival Kit

Advertising Page

Thank you,


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*Side note–I’m not keen on selling advertising and the like (I think), so, I didn’t outline any specifics. Instead I focused on the things I would like to network with others on: reviews, menu design, guest blogging, etc.

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Love! You always take a super creative, fun approach to your assignments. There are folks who won’t get it, and that’s fine- you likely wouldn’t want to work with them.

-Found a minor typo: Change the “peak” to “peek” in this sentence: Check out Jules In a Coconut Shell and “Why all the talk about Africa?” for a bigger sneak peak on Jules Torti’s writing life and evolution.

Re. question 1: Yes, unless you have an absolutely incredible byline you want to include from before that time period.

Re. question 2: Yes.

Re. question 3: Yes.

Re. question 4: I don’t know, but I’ll ask the tech gods. :)

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Jules, I am new the writing course (I just finished the photo course and am really more of a photographer) and hope to get good at writing. I read this assignment and read one other article on your blog (the happy birthday to Kiley…hilarious!). I can’t wait to have time to read more. You have a great, humorous approach to your writing and I think my style may be similar to yours…which is why I think I like your writing. Best of luck to you! I think you have a very bright future ahead of you!

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Hi Jules,

There are two ways to change the font style on your WordPress page, the first is by using html on each individual post. This however is not recommended as it is bad for SEO (So I have heard). Here is a brief tutorial here if you do want to try it.

The primary way to change the font style in WordPress is by editing your stylesheet… but unless you have some coding experience, this is not recommended.

Have you tried saving your word document as a webpage? You can then open up the “webpage” document (it will open in your browser), copy the text and paste that into the post. The formatting isnt 100%, but it might help.

If this is still an issue, please let us know and we will see what we can do to help.

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Thanks, Preston.

Here I was thinking I had Fort Knox security settings on my laptop–but really it’s FONT Knox as well. I remember stylesheets (vaguely and with trepidation) from a tech writing class that I only survived due to the brains of the ex-librarian seated beside me.

Coding experience? Sounds very Nancy Drew to me, and html manipulation sounds beyond my comfort zone. So, I will try saving documents as webpages, or, just do the WordPress QuickPress to avoid all. I appreciate your emergency response and suggestions.

Lynne–I have bookmarked you for the future. I look forward to reading about what moves you and where you’ve moved about in the world with your camera in tow.

Julie–thank you for your feedback and confirmations. Yes, if they don’t get “it” (the “fun, creative approach”) then it’s probably best we go our separate ways. Haha.



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