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Media Kit and Ad Page

This past year I focused on improving my writing and now I have a stockpile in my hard drive but little in terms of blog content. So it goes.

I’ve bought a domain (website not up yet, shopping web developers) but I wanted to try this NOW, with my current blog, so when my website is up, I’ll have experience and professional-looking material for advertisers. I don’t have a ‘typical’ travel blog, and so my stats are lower, but I decided to view this as a strength.

Ad Page with Media Kit PDF

I am open to suggestions, and thanks so much for the feedback.


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Hi, Noah-

Good to see you.

Let’s get right to it:

I think you need a stronger first paragraph. I’d axe that first sentence; it’s going to get stale quickly (ie: beyond January, it’s no longer a “new year.” You don’t really want to have to update this all that often, probably, so make it as evergreen as you can. The use of “still” in the sentence “My wife and I are still in Dusseldorf” is awkward for someone who hasn’t been following your blog for a long time. Give them your backstory and your particular area of expertise- strange stories. You may want to even add a sentence like “We specialize in strange stories: [example 1]; [example 2]; [example 3]”- that gives readers a sense of exactly the kinds of “strange” you deal with.

“my readers have ‘been there, done that’ and, as a result, has a fine-tuned bullshit detector.”- “has” should be “have”

You may want to provide a couple examples of what an ad might look like.

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