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Good Morning!

Just a quick question. We submitted a couple of stories and have not heard when they will be published. Is there a timeline? We have been writing for over a decade and submitted our first stories to Matador a few weeks ago. Thanks!!

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Your question deserves a response from Matador staff. However this might help. Take a look at Matador’s writers guidelines, and “author’s rights” ( Matador pays $20-$60 for “solicited” articles. Submitting “unsolicited articles” doesn’t guarantee that they will be published – just that, if they ARE published – you won’t be paid (other than “exposure.” Also – in my experience – response time can run months (often many months) – so don’t feel slighted by a few weeks’ silence (deafening though it may be).

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I just submitted something, and the message that I received says:

“We’ve received your work and will review shortly. Note that we cannot reply to every submission. If you do not get a reply within two weeks, please assume that your pitch was not accepted, and feel free to submit other work.”

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Hey guys, I was a contributor for a long time and am now on the staff (the travelstoke app). Editorial gets a massive number of pitches. While this is not a set timeframe, if they like your pitch, you’ll hear back within 2 weeks or so. Simply because dozens of people send work every day, there isn’t enough time for the editors to answer everybody. I’d say don’t get discouraged if your pitch doesn’t make it. Restructure or come up with something else and try again 🙂

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