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Mapping Words Advertise/Sponsor page

Hi Candice and Josh,

Here’s my advertise/sponsor page. I made this page back when I completed the press trip assignment for chapter 8. I pitched an idea to a Korean travel agency and realized that I should show them my stats first. Anyway, I decided to wait until I got more traffic to complete this assignment, so I could make and include a media kit.

However, I’ve decided not to make a media kit for a couple reasons.

1. Most of the info I would include is on this ad page.

2. My blog stats are not even remotely close to the point where an ad agency would be interested to negotiate a deal with me. I would feel kind of silly posting rates for ads when I’ve only been getting up to 1,700 visits a month.

I understand the concept of the media kit, and I know how to make one. I’ve researched other bloggers’ pages and looked at a lot of student work as examples. Perhaps if my stats improve over the next few months, I’ll make one and post it here later. :)

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about my ad page, and I’m also wondering if you think I should go ahead and make a media kit anyway.



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That’s pretty perfect, Sarah. All the info needed and perhaps the most poignant aspect is that you indicate lots of growth over the past couple of months. Easy to read/scan and well laid out.

As for the media kit, don’t feel like you HAVE to do one right now. At least you have the information to tackle it when you feel ready, right? I’m only JUST now getting around to mine. Definitely share yours with us when it’s complete!

I’m really loving your blog design, btw. Your graphics are fantastic.

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Thanks, Candice! I’ll definitely post my media kit later.

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