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Los Cabos San Lucas

Hey there travellers,

I’m thinking of going to Los Cabos San Lucas. Any tips, advice, recommendations?



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Hey Amelia,

El Arco or The Arch is a beautiful place where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. I think it’s definitely worth taking a sunset cruise to see the rocks during these golden hours.

The Sheraton has good restaurants. But if you want to venture out from your hotel – and you should then I can personally recommend these 3 restaurants. Flora’s Field Kitchen at Flora Farms, La Lupita in the art district for the best tacos you’ll ever eat, Nick-San for gourmet sushi with a Mexican flair

You will love to do snorkelling and scuba diving.

If you are planning to go in winter then you will see a lot of whales in the Cabo area in winter.

Have a great and safe journey!

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