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Looking for photos of Latin America to share on Matador ES social

Hey everyone,

A quick note that foreign language editors are currently looking for photos of Latin America to share at our social networks. Please add links to images and galleries below if you’d like us to use your images. Please also add any notes as far as captions, etc. Thx, and looking forward to seeing your work blow up across our social feeds!!

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Hey Laura

I have some shots of Guatemala put together – it’s very water based I’ve just noticed…

Hope these are okay. If you need any others let me know and I will put a mic together for you. I spent 3 1/2 years in Latin America so have a fair amount of photographs to load up…




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Hi Laura – I have pics from Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Peru. There are many more that I am in the process of putting together in a new web site but here is a link to my current Creative Hotlist portfolio that has a look of some of them. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing more.



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Laura – I have additional ones on my National Geographic Your Shot Page… (Peru and Costa Rica pictured here) Enjoy!



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Hello Laura, i share you my channel, full of spanish travel videos:

CHEERS, Daniel T

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Hi Laura,

I have some pictures of Machu Piccu and the Salkantay trek leading to it on my Flickr page..



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Hi Laura,

I got some Perú, Panamá and some little of Chile, Ecuador and Costa Rica most of them are all beach or ocean related.

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Hey I have some on my travel blog: (I can email you the actuals too) and some on Your Shot:  I can also email many through, as I spent 6 months travelling in Central America last year 🙂

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Hi laura,

I have some nice shots of Belize If you like. We are in the Heart of Central America and on the coast of the Caribbean .

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Hi Laura,

I have loads of shots of Mexico if you are counting it as Latin America.  Thanks.

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I have Costa Rica photos here –

Mexico  -

and Nicaragua here –


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Hi Laura,

I have a bunch of photos from Costa Rica here:

Hope they’re helpful!


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Hey Laura,

I have pictures from Costa Rica, Ecuador/Galapagos & Puerto Rico. You can check them out in my site: or at

Hope they can help you out!



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Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Cusco

Central Jungle of Perú Oxapampa

Chicama , La Libertad Perú / Longest wave in the world

Lima Down Town.


Most of this photos got their little caption , hope you like something from here

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I have a few from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Guatemala. I have a few good beach and city life scenes as well as lots of animal pictures. let me know what your looking for.

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Shots from Argentina are ready. What kind of images are you looking for? People? Landscape? News?



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